Mr wonderful but yet Productive Weekeend

Mr wonderful but yet Productive Weekeend

Fri Night
Was in the Outhouse with my friend Brendan. We joined others there too. Totally enjoyed my night.
Saturday Night
I went along to a dinner with Gay freinds, I’ve never met before. Totally enjoyed. we had dinner in Millstone Redtaurnt on Dame Streeet. The Dinner was fanatsatic, but service a total disgrace. They clearly can’t deal with large groups. I had a fantastic night. Noramlly when I itnroduce my self to a person I don’t spill my guts as one would say, but when he said hes out by a year I think, I jsut spilled it. Don’t know why.
Went along to the World Vegetarian Day in iBAT College, Dublin. Very well put toegher. So dleighted with it. As I was on me way to my Sister’s palce, I came across these two very suspicious characters at our Governemtn Buildings Departments ie The Department of Local Governemtn and Environement. I thought they were teroriesits or something or protest. So I says what could be worse than to see whats going on. Low and Behold They were shooting a scene for part of the movie Mrs. Brown’s Boys D-Movie. I was even talking to one of characters. ROry Cowan(Rory Brown). He was chatting as if he remember me from the Front Lounge a few years ago with my ex.

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