Diary 7th February 2014

I was due to wake up and get up for around half 5pm. However I actually got up at 20 to 7. I was furious and very baffled as to what the cause was. While my bladder was very full, I didn’t want to get up. But while I was trying figure out, why my phone said it was 10 past 9 in the morning, however when I initially looked out, it was lovely and bright sunny beaming in. Yet when I was getting up I was left so confused. It was actually dark and horrible out. I was saying this is so strange. At 10 past 9 in the morning to be so dark. It actually so happens that my phone had crashed and the alarm never went off. I was mad at meself more so the phone. As I had planned to see two movies. Namely I,Frankenstein. and Jack Ryan: The Shadow Recruit afterwards. However as I got up eventually after much confusion, I then began to find out what to do, there and then. I was very dazed, as to what to do. In the end I said I’d just see one film. I had attempted to contact my friend BRendan S and my other friend Ronan to see Frankie. However as I couldn’t get contact with Ronan, I said I’d leave Frankie and see the most anticipated film in history, my childhood film RoboCop . It was spectacular. More will be provided in a separate blog post.

I set out to go to Outhouse as any other time. Got myself a cuppa tea. Met my friend Brendan S. I was so happy(Happiest i have been in a very long time), this was so seen in my friend Brendan. However nothing was prepared with what I was about to see. After the OUthouse(kicked out us out – hahaha, closing up), I asked a group of lads who were in the OUthouse, had they seen my bike, which I normally park it there. So I went back in side to the receptionist area, to see if there was a way I could see the CCTV, he explained that I will have to contact the Cops(An Garda Siochana) and that they cannot rewind the tape. So that I will be doing on Monday. Bottom line, my bike has been stolen. No surprise. However that didn’t dampen my spirits, as it was expected, I can’t even remember what’s the longest time I’ve had a bike for without it being stolen. With that in mind, as long as their breath in my body, I will not be telling my folks esp me pops, about this. Cause there will b nothing but BITCHING about, Oh I spent a hella money on the bike etc., I will get one on EBAy from my savings and hopefully get it prepared there and then. That said, thou even if it comes inassembled, I’ll get my local bike shop to assemble it if needs be.

Then I proceeded to go to see my childhood movie Robocop. Review in spepearte post. I then proceeded to walk home. I kept saying to myself, I am racing against Battery time, NOT time. As I had my fitness tracks tracking my progress, my battery was at a critical level.

As you can see, twas an eventful day. hahaha


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