Diary 13th February 2014

WEll today was to be a very busy day for me. The following is what was in store for me.

Aldis or LIdls
BRidewell Garda Station
Corrigan’s PHarmacy

Now tell me I ain’t sitting on my ass all day let alone sleeping my life away. hahaha. So before I headed on my long awaiting day, I had brekkie first while waiting for Rory O’ Neill(aka my true inspiration Miss Panti, PanitBLiss) on Ireland AM(Ireland’s version of Good Morning AMerica). However due to the ongoing controversy of the GSOC(Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission) and the ongoing Weather problems, the program had to concentrate on those issues instead of Rory. So with that in mind, I headed off on my errands as I put it.

So off to Drumcondra to get my haircut, however when I got their there was no one, which I found strange. Maybe the weather is playing havoc with them getting to work or something.

So onto my next assignment(hahha). I decided to go Domonic Street, as I wasn’t sure which Aldis or Lidl would appear, I just went with the flow. As it happens it was my fav Aldis was on my path. So I got sugar for my sis.

THen onto BrideWEll Garda Station to report my bike being stolen as advised by Clontarf Garda Station last . THe Garda on duty was most helpful. I gave a brief description. I was slightly nervous. But who isn’t.

So then onto the OUthouse, for a cuppa tea before my long journey home well Crina’s. Afterall I had walked an hour so far, which was so tiring. When I arrived at the OUthouse, no one was around to serve tea, I was advised that there is training for staff going on atm, so then I decided to head off, but just as I was getting ready, a staff member came round. However as I was gonna be late for Crina, i decided to just to head off to her place.

As I was on my way to Corrigan’s Pharmacy to get stuff for myself, I only realised that I was suppose to go to the Jewellers. Never fear, Ill attempt to on Sat. So I made my way very tiring way up Drumcondra, Griffith Ave., then Malahide. I was exhausted after walking another hour. Thats a total of 2 hrs, and thats not even near my place. Aww well as my site(DailyMile.com) asks me how am I enjoying the exercise an d to quote myself “Loving every moment of it”. So I arrived of course safe and sound, but still physically exhausted. So as I was getting my stuff, I asked the pharmacist, would I be ale to use Soya milk INSTEAD of cow’s milk in Complan. I loved Complan until it started playing up my lactose intolerance. She said yes of course. So with a happy smile, I bought one and said thats gonna be my dinner from now on. Can’t wait to start on the stuff.

I arrived at Crina’s with a very nearly collapsing legs. I was that exhausted. Like I wasn’t even in the Outhouse for 5mins, when I was told it may be nearly a half hour to wait for a cuppa tea. Obviously nothing can be done. We had a great laugh. Overall it was a very mixed visit. For this segment, for the protection of my sis, I will just give a synopsis. I was taking pics of myself using the front camera of my Sammy. She thought I was taking a pic of herself, which I’d never do without permission. This goes to everyone. So make a laugh, she asked that I show the pic of “herself”. I made it out to be so serious – hahaha. Really it was a pic of myself facepic. But I made it so serious that she was serious. So when I showed her, we cursed like hell at me, it was unreal. We had a great laugh. But however the night turned sower to a certain degree, again stressing protection. SHe told me that she  had told the two culprits(Mom n Dad) about my bike being stolen. I was shocked and appalled, to hear of such. I thought she was joking or pising with me. Somehow I kinda knew she would tell them. But whats even worse, is not her, its him. He actually knew that I was lying,so why the hell can he not be man enough and say to my face and say, I know you’re telling a lie(which he hates – who does), Aww well Im just gonna have to go ahead with the lie. And just pretend Im still the hero in all of this. However nothing was prepared for what was about to happen. My sister in the past has explained that in the past, when she’s withdrawing(of which for protection I will not go into), she comes out with all sorts of abuse – of which int he past I have accepted and I was grand. I’d just ignore it. That said, this time round was totally different, which was this time, my inflatable snowman and snowy(pics of which are on my Facebook acc) that took her electricity by storm. We had discussed this in the past, of which I acknowledged and compensated her via a gift of some form. Just can’t recall it exactly. Again I don’t condone what she exactly she said. Again my POPs is who I condone. I was made out to be the selfish one in this instance. I was deeply hurt, and very teary on the way home. WE are all in hard times, yet my dad had the cheek to say to her that I should have paid her back every cent(well at the very least half of it). Again WHY THE HELL DOESN’T HE HAVE DA BALLS TO COME TO MY FACE AND SAY IT. WAit I forgot, I’m the SENSITIVE TYPE. Im sure my sis told him that he did by getting me a gift, but he said STILL I DON’T CARE. So he paid her.
When I got home, I was shaking violently(not seizure type – the general). It took me several minutes that a wonderful visit was met by a hurtful ending. Now she obviously didn’t mean any of it, however as I have said in my previous posts, confrontations etc., WORDS DO HURT and ARE POISONOUS.


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