Diary 20th February 2014

Today was a somewhat busy day. Following is the scheduled.

  • Lidls shopping
  • Laundry
  • Crina
Mom collected me shortly after 1pm. Before Mom met me, I was very upset over the passing of one of my dear FB Friends: Richard Hancock. He had passed away of natural causes. He was very young(well no matter his age) that’s the way I see him. May RIP.
So when I got up, Mom met me and collected Crina afterwards. She was waiting at the steps. I couldn’t stop admiring her top she had bought with my voucher I gave her for Christmas. We first dined in the Yacht of which I ordered my  salad that I loved.
Then we all headed off to Lidls in Artane. This was a new branch they opened. Twas magnificent. My bill was €25. Twas very good value. For 5 Bread, 5 OJ, 5 Milk, yeah great value. So Mom left both of us home, I helped Crina with her shopping.
Then shortly afterwards when Mom left me home, I started to get things ready for the laundry. So stripped the bed and now its in the laundry. I was as always struggling with bringing the laundry to the shop. Then just literally right around the corner from the shop, I was battling hail stones. I kinda thought thou when I think about it, that one of the clouds in the sun(might I add), had a funny funnel shaped cloud. While right beside it, I saw a cloud shaped like a crystal clear mountain. Either Way Hail stones pouring outta the heaven, I mean like what gives.
So after the Laundry, I tried again to see if I could get my haircut, So I saw that the door was indeed opened so went up and as I was the only customer, he took me in. I asked him what had happened last week, when I attempted to get my haircut. He went onto explain that the place was opened. I said that I couldnt even get in, he said that he was prob getting lunch or something and that he had forgotten to put in a piece of paper to prevent the door from being locked. ANYways I got my haircut, of which I was delighted. He did say will I miss my warmth of the mop, I said that I rarely ever feel either difference. So I came home, in the sunshine might I add – hahaha as it was atoricuos going to the laundry.
I then headed to Crian like I do every week and on a SUnday too. Twas a wonderful and lovely and a comedic visit. WE were looking at Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. I most certainly was not impressed with the film, bottom line far too crude. No doubt. So we then looked at The Millers, and The King Of QUeens. Twas a most hearty evening. As I described to her, Instead of me going home crying my eyes out like last week, I was delighted to be walking home with a big happy face or as Lisa Simpson “Put on a Happy Face”.
One thing I would like to point out thou, whenever I’m with Crina, my fam(minus the relatives), I feel like the young shy guy(well Crina feeling like a normal guy – depends on the mood I guess), BUT whenever I’m with my mates ie Brendans or anyone in the OUthouse ie THE GAY COMMUNITY(I am GEORGAN, not a shy guy. I have been feeling like this ever since I came out. ie like as if there was 2 GEorgians. I’m gonna have to bring this up with my Therapist on MOnday, see what he makes of it.
Another group of people I feel very comfortable around with ie being Georgian would be my FB mates. I’ve known a gud few of em be they allies or the LGBT Community. One person I have been in several contacts in recent years is my dear friend Karen Love. I have known her for several years now. How we met(FB) was actually through Cafe World. I recently regained contact with her.  I thought she had lost her job or something. But anytime I’m chatting with her I feel am in NYC there and then. Shes an ally of gays. She ain’t gay herself, but fights for our rights. Im proud to call her a bestie.

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