Diary 24th February 2014

I had my weekly appointment of psychotherapy. Twas very invaluable. Very interesting. He is under the illusion that I should get everything  out in the open. I had told him that as a result of my coming out I CAN”T EVER have a bf EVER in this country, for fear of the same reaction. He was gobsmacked with that statement. WE went on to converse the T-Shirt, which reads “Feck off outta my life, I’m with Team Panti”. I explained to him, that she doesn’t like the language of the shirt. She being my MOm. I said I don’t care. Its just life. The therapist says its all to do with one word “SECURITY”. I said in reply. Sure I knew that all along. The minute I came out it was always SECURITY, we’re worried about ya etc., etc., So on a short note, I then replied which will continue onto next weeks, that Until I move to the US or simply on the plane, that I can’t see the depression ever going. Simply put, if I get triggered, it;ll be back. That sorta thing.

As part of my weekly, schedule, I update my Android Apps, my Windows Apps, WIndows Desktop Programs etc. Normally this all takes about a and 1 hr or 2. However as my Android Playstore was playing up, took more than a few hours. So Im just after finishing updating my apps before my therapy. session.


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