Muppets Most Wanted

Was most impressed with this movie titled. Totally enjoyable. I got a bit emotional when I saw Celine Dion. What a performance. I had initially had heard from Morning Edition that there would be Cameos. The music was fantastic. As I have expressed in the past, I totally enjoy music in movies. I personally feel that it ads tot the movie. To see big names such as Usher, Gaga and of course Celeine. The plot is very simple. Kermit the frog, is replaced and switched over to Constnatine(described as the most dangerous frog in the world). Constantine has escaped. The Muppets are doing concerts. Of which we learn throughout the movie is a ploy to carry out a Jewel heist in London. Its cleverly done to the point they travel around from Berlin, Madrid, Dublin, and then London. They travel to each city as a Treasure Hunt. I thought it was a fantastic film. I highly recommend this film.



4 thoughts on “Muppets Most Wanted

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