Diary 14th April 2014

Well it was my intention to stay up for Lidl’s specials this morning. As I was getting fed up with clothes being ripped opened etc., I was wanting the Spiderman(for the new The Amazing Spiderman 2: Electro Premiering in Dublin on Friday). So I left my Apt at half 7ish with a brisk walk. I arrived at LIdls shortly. Love me some walking. Its awesome. So I went into Lidls got my Spiderman gear. Oh bio can’t wait to show it off. hahaha. So then afterwards I began to think, why not continue on walking and see where it leads me. So as it happens I had a few errands to do anyways.

So I walked up to the Hospital the Liver, that Stanescu hear failed to show up for his appointment. Would you believe it, I couldn’t even find it. Considering I have been there for awhile now. I couldn’t remember the number. So I asked a passerby, where the Liver Center is, she didn’t know what I was talking about. More ignorant if you ask me. So then I asked a staff member if the building she was going into was the Liver Center. She said no, its the Neurological Center but that she’d ask someone in her building for me. So she did and she brought me to the building. Very kind of her might I add. So I went in, and booked another appointment. To my surprise I now have to wait til next June. Of which I was hoping to get it over and done with for the year. But its what you get for not attending your appointment. So then onto my next errand, after a disappointing errand. Then again I ain’t blaming anyone but my own. Afterall I failed to get up in time, no thanks to Sammy last Wednesday. So then afterwards it was found that the alarm was being cancelled because of the maintenance I was doing on a nightly schedule, I decided to change it. So as dated last Friday my Alarm app is now working. The reason I bring up the alarm debacle again, its the reason why I had to carry out this errand in the first place. Oh believe me I rang them several times, so instead while I was out on a beautiful walk from getting Spidey’s clothing, I decided why not continue onwards. SO its all cool cept I have to wait til June. The receptionist explained they only have 2 appointments per year. Something to that affect.

So then I decided to reroute myself and walk up the street. Noticing all the different departments. Never have I seen it as decentralized in that Liver one building, Breast Cancer another building, Neurology had  1 or 2 buildings etc., et.c, Twas beautiful to see all the people going to college or work or some even coming home from work for those who work night shifts. Some were even exercising of which I have been noticing a huge increase. Its unreal. Then again I welcome it big time. Says I to meself, if only I could walk to my work place, but then noticing I corrected meself, in that I would have to be on my feet, depends on the job in question.

So then it was time to do my last errand. After I got my sis bday present, which is safely in the hands now, I had to pay my Sky(TV Provider bill). However things got a bit icky, in that I was in DR of €6. So to get that sorted, I had change from Spidey. But to get the money into the bank, I had to go to the bank and lodge it in. But no surprise they weren’t open. Which I kinda figured that would be the case. They don’t open til 10am of which I was not gonna wait an hr for them to open up. So then I said there has to be way to get the cash into my account today. Cause Sky in the past cut off my Subscription until I paid up. Last year funnily in May/June, I got into a major Financial difficulty. In which me sis had to help me out(Not financially, but to tape my Dallas(Original) program). So I then realised the local Post Office comes in handy, as it allows me to lodge money into my bank account via the Post Office. So I was delighted. Although I had to wait 10mins, to open up. But I can’t just wait til tomorrow to lodge money. It had to go in today. So that’s now all sorted.

While I was doing all my errands and walking etc., I was chatting to a hottie on Bang(An android app that allows gay men to swap pics, like pics etc.,).

So now, I have arrived home after a beautiful morning and wonderful walk. Listening to music videos. The Trey Songz guy/group not sure which, is a total hottie. A few minutes I got a letter int he post relating to my Direct Debit from the Credit Union Loan I got out at Christmas ’13. You all my recall last week sometime or perhaps the week before that I was expressing how strange things were getting. Between Panti and Front Lounge closed during the week esp at half 12 in the morning and secondly my bank wasn’t being debited. Well the letter that I got today, actually confirmed my curioustiy and strange behavior that the bank was doing. Ireland recently got a Payments upgrade(software known as SEPA). Ever since its been messing with Bank Accounts of customers in the country. So my letter explained if you weren’t able to get the Direct Debit out on a particular day it was suppose to come out, it arrived in the other account. I knew all along something wasn’t right. I told this to my sis. For e.g on a Friday of every week, My account is debited €30. €10 for my Savings account and €20 for the Loan  I have to pay back, as I explained above for the Christmas Loan of ’13. But nothing was coming out of the account. Even my Cineworld, come to think of it, I was due €36 to be taken out on the 4th which is a Friday. But never came out til another day. Normally my Cineworld is €20. But seein as Stanescu hear lost his card he was charged €16 extra for a replacement.

So imagine this guys, this all happened within 1 hour. Isn’t this amazing. hahah. So I came home and looked at Morning Edition and Music Videos. I then headed off to bed for the night.


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