Diary 18th April 2014

Getting my clothes ready for Spidey’s. I’m so excited. Have my ticket booked. Check. I was trying to figure out what to wear and what goes with what in terms of matching. This took a few minutes.

Then while doing this I went back onto the site Pixable. Which I compeltley adore. However I only learned through my investigations that when I click on the Post link onto my Facebook and Twitter, that it only posts a link to the user’s link to PIxable photo. That said, I don’t mind. But when a user Like’s a link on my Facebook profile, I had understand they were seeing a preview like the way Pinterest does, when I post from Pinterest. I have just realised that when I post from Pixable to Twitter, that it actually dispalsy the preview of the link. That makes sense. But to FB. It just infuriates me. I asked my friend Todd, to check out on his end, same expected.

Just before I went out to cinema yesterday, I heard a loud bang. As it happens its the same bang I heard in the middle of the night. I went to boil the kettle and it wouldn’t work. So I attempted plug the kettle elsewhere int kitchen, no avail. So I tried in the living area, and voila. So I went to my Fuse box and returned on the switch and immediately it fused out. So then I went to do my toast, he two went. As I was rushing out to the cinema, I didn’t have time to investigate, BUT I then realised that my fridge was gone. NOW I was freakin’ out. What am I gonna do. I need the fridge badly. So as Stanescu has a pea brain he used it to its advantage, and dragged the fridge out of its comfort zone and got at the cable and plugged it into the living area and voila again. So bottomline, there’s some socket’s fuse is after blown. SO I’ll have to contact my Pops first, to see if I can get an insight but more so my landlord me thinks. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

As I was at my computer finishing up things for a few hours before I go to bed, My aunt calls by. She was recommending that I tidy the place up and let my landlord do his dutys ie in accordance with the law. WE chatted for a good half hour well at least 15mins. I said to her that the landlord wants me to move out while he does the renovation(well more or less she guessed this). I said that I have no where else to go. She was deeply hurt. I said well its the truth. I can’t go near Mom and Dad’s. Sis, wound’t want to be bothering anyone. So hence why I’m stuck and told my landlord thats I have actually have no where to go. So she then went on that I should go and help them out. I said that Ailish otherwise said that it was a bit weird that they keep calling Sis and I up(at one stage) it was almost every week. and we weren’t even living there ย anymore. So then I also told her that for other reason as well that I can’t go near the house(Mom and Dad) either to help em or to social call or whatever is cause of the homophobia, I endured. She said to recommended that I picture a beautiful photography that I share on my Facebook all the time and get rid of the other. I said to her that I share photos of beautiful nature all the time on my FB. and yet still occurring. So the only problem is that she thinks this will follow me to NY.

After I had got myself ready for bed, I heard another doorbell ring, It was Mom, however I had already bedded meself. So after a few hrs of sleep I got up after a very tirey legs. But neva the less was not gonna let my tiresome get in the way of seeing the most anticipated film: The Amazing Spiderman 2. Review here. I did however wanted to go to the Outhouse for a couple of minutes for a cuppa. However when I arrived, I was told that as no one turned up they didn’t open up the Cafe. So I was most excited about seeing a film in a very long time. Even Spidey himself showed up on the premier. I met up with Cineworld Craicheads, the new meetup group, I recently joined. So after the film, we went our separate ways.


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