Rio 2

What can I say about the most lovalable film. The film centers, Blu(voiced by Jessie Eisenberg) and his family. Blu is a city bird. And his wife bird is a home bird. BLu and the wife discover that there are other members of their species out “Deep in the Amazon”. We were all treated  to a lovely musical score at the of the movie. Most impressive might I add. I was most impressed with the musical score as with any film that has musical score in a film. Nigel(the “flightless” bird) who is swearing revenge on Blu for making him “flightless” back in the first sequel. He did a fantastic job on “I Will Survive”. There were great comical aspects of the movie. Blu and family and Co, all move to the Amazon. They come across Blu’s wife’s father Papap. Twas lovely. And Roberto(voiced by Bruno Mars). The Blu Bids or MacCaws(family name) then find themselves being knocked off the map as a local businessman, wants to plan a development for profitable reasons. So it was Birds V Humans, Linda V Humans. Now even thou Linda and her hubbie are humans, she was the one who found Blue from the first sequel. So all in all I found the movie to be Good, not the kind I would see it several times. I will of course get the soundtrack. But that’s as far as it will go.




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