Diary 22nd April 2014

I got up with grave difficulty, and as a result, missed out on getting my dole for the week. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get it. I heard a loud bang on my door and previous to that the doorbell. It was I think my sis’ pressie being delivered. So when I attempted to get up, just couldn’t. All this twisting and turning ain’t helping. No energy whatsoever to get out. So when I eventually got up, I walked up to the Post Office, but as I said above was too late. 


So I walked up to my folks to discuss the electrical problem I’m having with me Pops and to also return Boxes and Shopping Bags back to them. But as it happens, me Da’s car wasn’t there. I knew he couldn’t  be at his Dental Hosp, as it was around 6 when I arrived by. But when I rang the doorbell, no one answered, so my other guess was that Mom had been to visit my sis. But some how at the back of me mind they were both down in Meath. 


So then I walked back to my place, to get my sis’ big Pressie, which the Delivery left outside, kinda stupid if you ask me. It could have been stolen. So anyways, I went to get it, and hauled it up with me to me sis. It started to pour outta of the heavens, but nevertheless, I arrived eitherway. Twas a lovely great laugh. WE chatted and chatted and laughed too. We both looked at Two and A Half Men and Mike and Molly. Aww memories. 


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