Diary 24th April 2014

I am delighted to report that last nights dream, I had NO dreams, NO twisting and turning. I still woke up a bit groggy. But nothing major to report. However that said, I am still failing to get up at the alarm time I want. So for e.g If I set the time for 1.15pm I keep snoozing.

So when I eventually got up, I headed to the Post Office, to remind them of the big huge mistake they made. In that I was left short of €70. She did acknowledged her mistake. So that said that there wasn’t any confrontation. Of which I’m happy now. She explained that when they did the’re nightly accounts, the Balance was higher.

So then I trekked up to Mom and Dad’s to celebrate Mom’s birthday. As I said yesterday on my Facebook status, I usually don’t call up cause of the homophobia that’s still on my mind. On my way up, I saw a scorching hot guy in front of me. He had trackies on. Bout 17 perhaps 18. Not older than 20. He was cycling around shirtless. OMG like. I just wanted to eat him alive. hahaha. That said I also wanted a pic of him. But all that went through my mind, Data Rights, or if I did put him on FB, that he would recognise himself on FB or something. I also saw an ambulance from the north of Ireland of which was in my opinion a but abnormal.

I eventually arrived at Moma and PApas. I was posting stuff on my phone in this case checking in using Foursquare, when I saw that Noel Hughes next door was doing his lawn. He himself came out. WE had a bit of chat. More small talk. hahaha.I can’t forgive them either for a) Not inviting me to Ailish’s mothers 80th(A Person might I add who was heavily involved in our lives when my sis and I were younger. E.g Brendan(Eileen’s hubbie, AIlsih’s PApa), teaching us Spelling. APPLE. I’ll never forget that. ) and B) making my sis out to be a monster and telling lies. etc., etc., ie Homophobia. So that said, I quickly ended the chat and headed in and was surprised to see my sis was inside

Mom pushes my watch pink. I assume that she wanted me to hide in the public or perhaps that she was fed up seeing it. So i said  “hey just simply get an education”. She asked what u mean. I said gays etc. Like Maureen is making making an effort. I gave her my gift to her. So we had a bit of dinner of soup and a meal.

The soup was lovely don’ get me wrong, but when I heard that My Dad’s niece from Meath made it(later I learned otherwise) I assumed there was meat in it ie Chicken. So I refused it. I then later on learned that Dad made the soup. I still don’t’ trust either of em to leave the meat out. Then the meal came, again meat.

Mince were spoz to be vegetarian but I kept tasting meat. No wonder i give all foods to my sis. So from now on, any food Mom makes, I’ll just have to assume its some form of meat. As Mom did express in the recent past that she wants me to eat meat. Of which I’m refusing.

So Mom and Dad dropped both my sis n I to her place. I stayed there for a few minutes. It was my intention to go direct to Cineworld, but STANESCU here left his card behind.

So I trailed home then I started to head onto meet Brendan O’ F. On my way i see a young kid a non national might I add pushing a buggy onto a side road. A lady passes and says so “stupid”. The mom was on the phone.

I then met Brendan in the cinema. We chatted for a bit. I was most dishearten and disturbed to hear that Brendan’s mother, asked him if he’s sure he’s gay. Something like that. He then went onto to say that she’s been doing this for awhile. I had my first alcoholic drink since March ’13 when my Uncle went(Reggie) and hence my depression had started. WE then went onto see The Amazing Spiderman 2. Review here.

WE then headed our own separate ways.


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