Diary 25th APril 2014

WEll sleeping is grand these days. But its a killer of getting outta bed. I just don’t have the energy. Well at least I ain’t twisting and turning now. Now that’s a killer. Now no dreams either. But now next item on the agenda, to sort out my lack of energy to get outta bed. 


I was on the verge of contacting Brendan S to cancel the meetup because I was that bad in in terms of getting outta bed. But eitherway I got the go I was looking for.  and headed off meeting Brendan. WE both went to see Spiderman. OOOh Spidey. Twas my last day seeing it, a sad day. However I was also thinking of seeing my babe on my own sometime next weekend.  


On my way of seeing Brendan off to his bus stop, I noticed an increase amount of homeless people. Twas quite a shocker. and that’s within a fortnight. Cause that’s the last time I saw him. When Brendan was getting his cigars, I saw a homeless guy in a doorway, and he was getting a cardboard box. He was in a position of modelling. heheh. One thing I do wish however to bring up thou, is that everytime I say to Brendan oh that guy’s hot etc., even with my babe Garfield(Spidey) and Harry Osborn etc., He always says “Boy you’re really gay” something to that effect. Does it really matter if you say you fancy a guy or whateva. He then went onto say if you really like em, why don’t you go to BH(Boilerhouse – a Cruising place for Men who have sex with Men). I replied that you don’t get to see their faces and not only that, they’s drunk. Of which I don’t appreciate mainly becase of their smell of drink. 


So then when Brendan got the bus, I decided to see if I was seeing things. So to make out that I just wasn’t only going to see him, I went into the nearby spar. As I saw my favorite Alpro products. I had quite alot in my hands and unfortunately one of them fell out and smashed ie yoghurt NOT glass. I wasn’t sure If I was able to afford the whole lot. SO I was going to leave behind the yoghurt that fell. But when the bill came to less than €25, I told the clerk that I want to get the other Alpro yoghrut ASWELL. However as there was a bit of a queue behind me, he charged me first and then asked that I take the yoghurt on thew way. He was quiet trusting acutally. COnsdiering I could have just taken whatever. NOT thats my nature. THen on my way back I saw that the guy wasn’t in a modelling position or “crusiing” as I originally thought. 


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