Diary 27th APril 2014

Discussing Eggs being dairy or not on MeetMe with a Vegetarian Baker. My mother as well as my sis says that Eggs are not dairy because they come from a chicken. But a mate of mine who is a vegetarian baker, says otherwise. His argument is the fact that dairy is “Dairy is basically stuff that is produced by farm animals ” which is what I always thought.


Looking for the quote “Those who matter, who mind,” while I was chatting with someone on some social network. I was filling out my favorite quotes on my FB Profile. To this date after several hours, I’m still looking for the phrase. Quite frustrating it is.


Every weekend, for the past month, I used to change my routine to that of my week. So for e.g The following is what I do on a daily basis.


Downloading my Porn collection

Sorting out my FB Friends

Reorganizing my TV Shows


And of course my notifications from










And then after the night is finished I then clean up my dishes.


So I decided that I don’t do the above activities on a Weekend or Bank Holiday weekends.

However with Facebook’s notification I was getting over a 100 over a weekend, It was cumbersome going through em on a week day. SO instead now, I just do the notifications as per normal. Just the “3 features” as I like to call em.


So I then headed to sleep for a few hours or “Winks” as I say to people. 


While sleeping, I had dreams and twisting and turning and then going to bed toooo late, this was an accident waiting to happen. As it happens, I was very exhausted waking up. So I stayed on for an extra hour or so. Then I got myself outta bed or shot myself outta bed. And got dressed n ready for my sis. 


WE had a fantastic night. WE looked at the film Labor Day. Review here. And TV Show The Millers. I decided when Mom came on da phone to my sis that I come out with the truth in that  that I give my sis the food I don’t want. Cause simply I just don’t trust Mom with my vegetarianism. And in my defense the weight loss I’m wishing. So shortly before I left I asked her(My sis) was her Mental Illness/Disorder as a result of my Mom’s constant badgering etc., she said no. That it was gotten inheritantly. I had asked her Did Mom “Enable” her mental illness  like a computer you enable options. 



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