Diary 29th April 2014

I regret to inform you all that yet another Facebook family has passed away of suspicious circumstances. I first found out when I stumble upon a profile page of a familiar friend I knew William Jackson then it changed to RIP William Jackson. I just naturally assumed it was a joke. SO then I was doing some administration stuff ie tidying up my Facebook spreadsheet as I said all this in yesterday’s blog. Then when I saw this page again and saw all the messages of support, tears began rolling outta my eyes when I learned the seriousness. Peter H J had only gotten engaged to William J by a few weeks I remember. William hadn’t told his folks that he was engaged let alone married. But sadly Peter found William dead. I wrote to his former partner’s page(William’s) and Peter’s page in question of support during this hard time. May William Rest In Peace.


I finally figured out a way to share my PIxable likes. PIxable actually provides a View Source link. Which then links me to the origin ie Facebook. Then I can share as normal. I am so delighted. hahaha


While I was watching TV in particular the News last night, my Sky Box got update with a new layout and User Interface. While I welcome the re-ogranisation and the features, it leaves the actual user interface alot to be desired, in that it appears alot darker and very modern ie more techie. Its the Theme is a bit of a trouble. but no doubt Ill prob get used to it. hahaah


I was due to get my Dole today, however I slept through the alarm. Now I went to bed after Dallas around 11am. So that didn’t help. But while I continued to sleep, thoughts were racing through my mind of which the following was occurring in me head. 

I’m not one bit surprised of Maureen’s(Nun) views on homosexuality cause of the Catholics Church’s views on the subject. BUT my mom should have known better. In that she knows a gay couple in the States yet she never told me why they were holding hands(the two Lizs) and nor only that she knew a gay person in her teaching career yet WHY THE HELL DID SHE BULLY HER OWN SON (ahem her so called son – the fostered one – if even that). My view on the subject is she sees me as a stranger. Well how can anyone blame me. The fact that my ex has forgotten all the horrible things that were done to him, (I’m grateful for him forgetting that – tahts a blessing in disguise). 


I then was suppose to go to my weekly visit of my sis. However she wasn’t feeling well. So I just continued staying on in bed. And got up around eventually at at half 11pm in the evening. So I just looked at Dallas and now the NEws. 


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