Diary 30th APril 2014

I was due to get up for 3.15pm as I had a few things to do. However I failed to sleep. I was just twisting and turning. And my legs aching me. I even was using poor auld Sammy whereby I put my legs ontop him. It did help big time. But by the time I figured it out, i was too late. I was tearing up as to why can’t I just hit the pillow like I used to. I started getting sleepy about 2.59 which obviously was far too late., so I extended to 4.15. eventually I got up at 4.55.

So I then went to the Post Office to get my dole and with a few of paying my TV Licence which is due today. I had arrived around 5.25 when the Office closes at half 5. When I put my foot in the door, I was greeted with such disrespect from the proprietor of the Office. She said that I continue to get payment on the last minute when theys about to close up. She asked if I was wanting to do Banking ie transferring my money into my Bank Account. I attempted to smile, its what I do when I am nervous. She mistook it for making fun of them. So tears instead came outta me eyes. The person who was serving me(mind you the same person who left me 70 short last week.)was also serious in that she never smiled. I felt like saying to her, says the person who got the cash low last week. Meanwhile the proprietor continued to barage me. She continued to say by asking me if I had a job. I said no. She continued saying oh and you “scratch” yourself. Now I was in a state of shock. I was literally frozen couldn’t defend myself. So when I got out as tearful as ever, I felt like saying and if I do get the courage to say, “you can talk to my psychiatrist.” She’ll know what to say to you. So as I hadn’t transferred my money into my Bank Acc, I popped along across the road to transfer cash for my Rent to go through as well as my weekly Increments that me sis taught me. And also my most important thing ie the TV License wasn’t paid because of the disrespect. Might I remind yee all, I am a customer. I may have done wrong by appearing last minute, but you’re a company we customers demand respect. Well not to worry anymore. I’ll be in New York sooner than you think. I’m investigating my citizenship status starting tomorrow. Its obviously the homophobes don’t want me, now the country that I was fostered into, don’t want me either. 😦

So onwards with a teary Stanescu to my next errand. Which was to get a pressie for my Aunrty(Nun) for her Birthday today. I got my pressie for her in Scribbles. Then to do the actual delivery that was a long 1hr long walk. Which eventually turned out to be the most enjoyable. How it turned enjoyable was when I got a notification on my cell phone from Mashable to say that Firefox had released a Version 29. Then I continued on to read why they were making a big deal of this particular version. It had been found that Firefox had been going down in Browser Market and was loosing the now infamous Browser War. It was always between IE(Internet Explorer(Microsoft)) and Firefox. However in recent  years its now between Chrome and Internet Explorer and Opera. So I continued to read eagerly and I found the exact reason why Firefox was dropping in support. I had understood it was to do with the latest technologies that Chrome was using that users were being attracted to e.g Sync(Bookmarks settings etc., across all devices etc., just sign in with your Google Account, with Firefox’s version it was complex ie you had to input a code on devices to sync your data). But the real reason why the browser was failing ie going down was actually because the CEO(well now former) had publicly portrayed support towards the Gay Marriage Ban). Now I couldn’t believe my eyes and still can’t. I mean like Marriage Equality of a major company being on the wrong side. I first of all never knew Mozilla had a new CEO. I had understood Mitchell Baker(‘Scuse the spelling) was still around. Apparently I’m a bit out of date with technology as I thought so. hahahah

So Anyways I eventually arrived at Maureen(Nun) and rang the doorbell. No one was home. So I just popped into the post and headed back on my 1hr long walk.

So I decided on the way home, cause I was desperately hungry I popped into the Outhouse. Got a cuppa tea. I saw Bernard N, Declan K and Patrick. Twas lovely to see em all again considering I hadn’t been to the Outhouse since the beginning of the month at the Golden Girls Night.

So after just about 3hrs walking I headed on home. It was quite a day. Filled with lots of heartache more so than laughter. But the one thing as I said above that made my day when I realsied the true extent to Firefox’s demise. It was all to do with Marriage Equialtiy actually working. Imagine, just think about it. Gay Marriage is actually wanted when the CEO expressed support towards the ban of the gay marriage. and People showed support by NOT going near Firefox. Its just unreal.


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