Diary 5th May 2014

One directions midnight memories is playing in background. In a  movie store, I wanna t shirt for the new x men  of future past. Two occasion’s one i’m in a movie store with t shirts and I’m viewing them. Something happens of which I can’t recall but one of the characters of x men saves me. Another incident i’m in some form of a meet up movies possibly. A  person in a wheel chair is acting out. X men character????? Perhaps. Getting out of character. I’m with my heart in my mouth and as still as possible. An x men character saves us by pushing the wheel chair in a particular direction so we don’t draw direction.

I’m in an estate I wanna say hi to Brendan O’ F. He pretends to be talking to someone on the phone. Quite unusual I say. Again n x men character appears.

When I eventually sleep, I hit the pillow up after above dreams with heart in my mouth as I here noises. My sis was gonna call by and let herself in of which I obviously gave her permission. Now when I was about to uncover my face as I always have something on me face while sleeping I suddenly think if she there would I get such a fright to the point i almost faint.

Went off immediately at 7. Up at 9 with above dreams. Since the twisting and  turning..  Hoping a jerk off would have worked but no. Perhaps a visit to the Dr. me thinks. 2.5 hrs and still struggling to sleep. Perhaps it was just something else. Although last night was a major boost. Like I actually felt like going back to IT industry field.

As i still lay struggling to sleep began to investigate why I wasn’t able to sleep. Could it because  Mom’s birthday or the finishing up of the psychotherapy. So I went through all my diary entries  to help me give me a clue to why I keep failing to hit the pillow. I noticed a trend from Maureen’s barraging relating to helping etc. All i know is the mind works in mysterious ways

I then got up after failing to sleep. GRRRRRR. and got ready for Todds. As I wanted to get underwear in Lidls, I headed on my normal route to Lidls. I did note there was very heavy traffic on way to Lidls for 2pm. While I was walking towards Lidls and when I got into it, I noticed quite alot of hotties alrite. mmmmm. There was a guy in front of me wearing pink top n underwear. mmmmmm. The guy had a foreign accent, possibly a Romanian.

I popped into Tescos on Talbot St., while on my way over to Todds. I had popped in to see if they had Pure Butter. (Vegan Butter). I asked this staff member if she sells it. She told me that it was her first day of work and she wasn’t sure, so she’d ask someone. I wished the staff member in question, best of luck in her new job. She was most appreciative. I popped into Supervalues same street., and saw that there was an interesting array of Soya products.

I had lost my way over to Todd. I was using the maps feature of Sammy from Sherriff St to his place. Sammy decides to let me get anxious. and crash. I didn’t know where to go. Eventually he me let me get it sorted. And eventually found my way.

I finally arrived at Todds. We first had a cuppa first then I got  to work. I started off by weeding continued to move pots around. I went to empty some form of water down the pipe. He told me it has been there for years. My eyes started to sting. So it must have been bacteria or something. So I gave it a break, as my eyes were really bad. So I started to swept up leaves in the front of which he asked. He was most appreciative. I relaxed for a bit. He was looking at some trek kinda thing. Beginning with b. We headed to an ATM so that he could get cash to pay me. As it happens to my college, where I used to go. Were then went or separate ways.

I did a bit of shopping in Aldi. I first put things away. 2ndly Then bed as I couldn’t sleep before Todds.


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