Diary 6th May 2014

The dreams starts off with me showing a couple around looking for a place to stay in my area where I grew up: Drumcondra. I am showing a house where me ex and I stayed. Then we later approach a house. When the door opens a person dressed up in a costume. We later learn when we go into the house that its all in the name of Japanese Tradition. the man takes the head of the costume off and is revealed to be of Irish origin. Yet the house inside is of Japanese. So antoehr couple joins us. They too are looking for a place. The dream then evolves to me showing other couples peopel etc., ie a realtor possibility is what I could be. where to go etc., So then the couples are outta me dreams and turns into a Catch me if you Can game. I later learn the girl who is running after me is Mom’s friend’s daughter who wants to go out with me, I say that i’m busy. But she insists. So I start going towards the city center. I then start hiding book shops etc., I even go into a Pride shop(to give her the heads up – yet that don’t stop her. hahaah).  I’m on a floor that’s like an escalators cept your not going up or down. But being move from one position to antoehr.  Airports have it theses days. I’m  on a floor that has loads of lifts. And only realise it with the up symbol, that I have been going up constantly when I never saw the Up symbol. I then go apparently to the top floor where there are Simpson comics and now As GAEilge.  I put the comics in front of my face she don’t see me and the dream ends when my name is called out, meaning I have won the game, cause she can’t find me. hahaha.

So I eventually got up, when I knew I heard “George”. hahah. So I proceeded to head to get my dole in Post Office. Would you believe it the person who abused verbally the hella outta me last week served me. She couldn’t’ stand the sight of me. No doubt.  Whether that means that she was wrong when she clearly saw how distressed I was last week. Again I do admit, I was wrong in attempting to get payment the last minute before they close up, HOWEVER she had no right to speak to me in that matter. I told my sis today, that I had hoped that there was another customer with me, then she mightened be so quick to judge let alone berate me.

So after the unpleasantness face was over, I headed on to Ryan’s Hardware to get Mould Spray. Its a blessing in disguise. Loving it so much, this is my 3rd bottle. Its used to get the terrible mould problem I have. Nothing can be done. ahaha

So then I headed into Thunders, where I get my delicious jam, to see if they get a gluten free and or Dairy-free(Egg free – for those that think Eggs are NOT dairy). The clerk told me that the Apple Tart is Dairy Free and the Gingers Men are Gluten Free. Personally I’ve nothing against gluten free. I subconsciously was asking cause I was gonna get my Godmother, Cousin Ailish. Yes you heard me. hahaah. My mom reminded me last week of Alilsih’ birthday. Ailsih is Ceoialic ie can’t handle Gluten hence the term Gluten FREE.

So then I headed to Tescos to see if my curiosity was gonna kill. I just wanted to see if they had Pure butter. To my happiness and surprise, there was. I also saw Ian(Taxi driver) a regular customer of a pub I used to work in: Kennedy’s.

So onwards and upwards I say. hahaha. I headed into Scribbles to get the card and scratch card for Ailish. I realised that I hadn’t written the card, I don’t have any pens anymore. So I was shitteing meself getting anxious.

So then I decided to head up to me folks to get a pen. Then I remembered that Mom had told me yesterday, “just drop the card in the post box”. That could have meant that she mightened be home let alone dad. He could be at the Dental Hospital or whatever. So I said if they ain’t home, then Ill head back to my place and right the card, then head back up to Ailish and pop it in there. So when I rang the doorbell, it so happens they were both there. Mom and Dad I mean. So I had a cuppa tea. Then Dad asked that I help out with the Mulching of the leaves he had left over. So when tidying up, I also happened to come across a bucket with a trawl that it so happens he was looking for. He was over the moon, so that  he even bought another trawl and yet he lost that one too. hahaha. He also found that one too. Ain’t it so interesting. I boasted myself(Not that I do much of that in any shape of form) by saying my my “Ain’t I the lucky guy who brings luck with him”. hahaha. He possibly found the new trawl when he spotted my watch(which I had left down because of the mulching – might I add the rainbow colored watch) – so possibly what stood out in which he found his other trawl. So then shortly afterwards, I had a cuppa, then shortly before I headed off both Mom and I dropped in Ailish’ pressie. Ailish for the first time in a long time,  asked me to drop up to her. I then asked her if Noel(her hubbie) had my number. Cause initially back a few months ago, he kept making up escusings me by saying to wright my number down and he’ll put it in his phone. Then the next time I called round, he asked for my number again, he genuinely said that he lost the sheet of paper of where I put the number on, and yet he still lost it. So fast forwarding to present, I ensured he had my number. I asked ALisih if he still had my number. So all is cool. However when Ailish asked me to call up to her, I can’t remember if Mom was beside me ie so that Ailish could see. Mom has since invited me to a dinner on Thurs evening???? So still at a lost. OH decisions decisions decisions. So afterwards, I headed back to my gaf, relaxed for a few hours before leaveing for my sis.

I got a distressed call from my sis saying that she had received such an abuse from my Paps, and that she’d like my company earlier than normal. So with that in mind, I set about heading off. I then realsied that I had left my Pure butter in Mom and Dad’s fridge and that I wanted it badly. So I called up to my sis via my folks and as well as the letter for my citizenship. My mom is trying to sort out the citizenship business too as am I. When I saw the Form 8 Application Form for the citizenship, I nearly fainted and went paile. Dad was looking at me strange. As If I was gonna burst. I was infuriated to believe that all this time I had been waiting 5 yrs, until 2013 to find out that the Application had NOT been sent in. I mean like WTF right???? Then I also realised, why have we  been submitting Documentation otherwise. Another problematic field.  So onwards and upwards I says.

So I arrived at me sis. WE chatted about what exactly happened. I couldn’t talk her out of OD. I mentioned that even I’m in  her presence that should eliviate the need to dice herself. and OD for that matter. But sadly it didn’t . She was that distressed. However a lovely quote did come out in the end. “You’re an Angel in disguise, you’re hard to find and I’m lucky to have found you and I’m not letting go of you. ” That really touched me and moved me. She wanted to got to ER. So she first came to my gaf for a cuppa. WE noticed a disturbing sign,on an election poster of a previous Party Minister. With words “Fag” and a mustache drawn on him. Now personally I ain’t sure if the politician is gay or whatever.

So I eventually found myself on my way home while my sis headed to ER.



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