Diary 8th May 2014

Totally unrelated but  here goes


I’m  watching Ros na run. Characters Micheal, Caitriona and hunk Rory. Said to be Realtíns pops. In the show it is shown that Micheál is having trouble keeping up with his bills n repayments etc., . Rory who hasn’t been on the soap for several yrs accuses Micheál of being a bad example. I in a fit throw something at TV.  


I’m in a restaurant. A guy speaks to me n and if I’d like white coffee. I say I never had one. So I order tea instead. When the guy speaks to me I order white coffee. Brendan O’ F acts strangely. 


I’m in my old bedroom where sadly Crina had passed on. My aunty (nun) comes over at 1am which is kind of strange. She brings over mikados i say I don’t want cause of egg and milk. She then asks if I wrote something nice. I attempt to show her but I breakdown  instead. 


James Mulligan and John Ross are told off in a shopping mall.  The two are unrelated. I know James personally but John Ross from the new Dallas. Crina and I  are shopping when all this is happening. We happen to bump into em


Then separately I’m in a dream whereby I’m traveling with a group of people and  are under siege in that many of our fellow travelers are  shot dead. Those who survived the siege are living to tell the story. I’m with one of the survivors other than myself and he/she are telling me their versions of events. When we both look outside the door we realize that his/her pet dog actually heard what owner went  through. Talk about loyalty. The dog literally in front of our very eyes and puts his head in a puddle of water n drowns. I literally break down. And think there  humans out there n maltreating there pets. The above dream n thousands of examples prove otherwise. 


I eventually woke up from my hibernation and very vivid dreams. I woke up around 5am with terrible pains in my stomach. I looked up the Internet while in the toilet to see what could be done. It was suggested Dried Toast; of which I made plenny, but to no avail. So it was also suggested to get anti-digestant something like that of which it don’t matter as it was in the middle of the night. It was also suggested Banana. Of which I don’t take at all. and last but not least; severe stress can cause diarrhea. So then I figured what exactly was the cause of this. The severe stress could have been the dreams that got really viscous well vivid like seriously loosing my sis, and a dog drowning in my very own eyes. Its the Lactose Intolerance that I have could also be a possibility as I did a full glass of Baileys Cream. Then I realised normally if it were to be 8hrs after the event. But the diarrhea started almost 14hrs after me drinking the Baileys. So it could have been the stress of the dreams I was wonder. The more I think of it the better. 


So when I eventually got up, I got up around quarter past 10, of which I didn’t want Mom dropping me to my appointment of physiotherapy. However by the time I had gotten dressed etc., I was too late. Mom was waiting for me outside. So Mom dropped me down. We arrived slightly earlier. However it was the wrong building. So Mom treated me to a cuppa tea and a Rose bakery which is of gluten free. Preferably I wanted diary free. So I said where’s this Thunder Bakery. They said its at the corner, but “we’re better”. I don’t know what stopped me from going to them. However the Bakery had started the order. So I just stayed there. So I brought the stuff to Mom’s car and ate and drank the tea. The minute that started, my stomach continued to pain and ache. 


Considering the physio, I just had to pray that nothing would occur. So the Physiotherapist started with a few questions. Then the actual physiotherapy started. Examinations of all sorts were being done. For some bizarre reasons when the physiotherapist asked about the “sensation” on my legs, I started to make a sexual gesture. Now picture it guys. I am shirtless and in my shorts. So that was a reason, then another reason He asked me to stand straight and and stand normal as one would say. With my top off of course, he brought down my shorts slightly to get a visual of the hips. Again I felt a sensation sexually. hahaha. It was found that my right side of the body is lower than the left. haha. 


So then Mom told me that she was going to drop me home, and then pay Crina a visit. However there was a a disagreement between my sis and Dad. So My sis don’t want to speak to either of em. So when I arrived Maureen was there. She left in Mom’s car and then headed off. I said I’d stay with Crina. We both went to Strand house. She had an appointment there. While we were waiting for my sis’ appt, she bumped into a nemesis of hers. Well she told me, that’s Erica. Two words came outta me mouth out in public. “Fuck Off”. I don’t think she was one bit surprised of my reaction. So then while she was at her appt, I went off to get my charger and get my phone charged up. And personally I also wanted to get rid of any sensation of my diarrhea too. So when I got back, the nemesis “threaten” me well Crina, but asked me to pass on the message. I had told her that I don’t know the girl you’re talking about. I said if you have any issues with anyone contact he gards or the authority. I am not in a position to get involved. She continued to barage saying that my sis had been giving her number out and her “gaf” address etc., I said that you will have to contact the gards. etc., So we headed to a Sorting office. She had to collect stuff. Then back to her place. etc., 


So then I headed back home., to get ready for tonight’s party with Mom, Dad, Ailish and Noel. Ailish had a recent fall at a confirmation last week. And as such Mom and Dad thought it’d’ be nice to invite her in for her birthday and throw a party for her in her honor. So with this in mind, I headed to Thunders Bakery in Drumcondra, to get a Apple tart(Dairy Free) for Mom and Dad and Rose(Gluten Free) and a Jam pack for Ailish and Noel. Mom was suppose to collect me for 6pm, and my phone being very low charge, I couldn’t ring em. So in the end, Dad called down for me. WE all had a nice hearty convo. Crina was certainly missed, no doubt. Dispite the current disagreements, she still wouldn’t have come along anyways with Alish being there. While the night was lovely and heartwarming, Ailish made a very good point while talkeing about one of her relatives. She was saying that one of em is very out going while with her friends, and very in in her self ie shy. I then compared it with me. In that I’m exactly the same. I felt I didn’t have much to talk about. Very low key. No doubt. 


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