Diary 10th May 2014

As I was annoyed last night that my On Demand service wasn’t working yesterday at all, I had to delay all my recordings and put the News on hold. BUT Low and behold, just as I was closing up for bed time, it came back online.


So then after my sleep, I started with the news I had downloaded last night, and the excitement of the Soap that we have these days in our Parliament. 


It was my intention of going to the Dublin Food Co-Op I have been threatening to go to for awhile now. On my way, I met Brendan S. He was heading to see Pompeii. Review here. I kinda gave it away as per my review. I was really hoping that he would actually go and see the film and get HIS opinion. However time will tell. So then I onwards towards the Dublin Food Co-Op. It pelted rain. I mean like literally the heavens opened. I was asking a few people where is COombe St then the Dublin Food Co-Op. I had gone into a restaurant which was actually closing up. She told me where to go. It was an awful shame, that Maps had failed me hence why I had to ask around where it is. I then was greeted by a greeter. She receptionist gave me a guest card. I initially looked around. All I could see was food that you can eat there and then. I was wanting food that is vegan and you can bring home. So eventually just before they closed up, I bought a few items and jam. However that said, I had mistaken Dublin Food Co-Op to be of ONLY Vegetarian and Vegan dietary foods. I was disappointed with it. Eitherway, I got a few things. I shall be getting organic jams for Dad for Father’s Day. So my next return will be June Bank Holiday. 


I then left to go back. It was no better rain wise. The lady who showed me where to go initially bumped into me and said to me I see you bought  a few items. So I headed back towards the Outhouse while waiting for one of two films. On my way, there was a cyclist there rushing like mad. He left his bike outside. He had an item on his backpack while cycling on the sidewalk. Now I felt that was very dangerous. He could have popped an eye out or whatever. However he slowed down deeply. Anyways, he stopped outside a shop and it said something like Model Shop. Didn’t I think it was something like Modeling agency as in Clothing, Underwear or whatever. But it was actually just a planes trains etc., modelling. So I eventually arrived at the Outhouse, ready to fall. hahaha. Had a nice cuppa tea. Was chatting to David. He said to me that Brendan wasn’t sure whether or whether or not to go to see Pompeii. I really wish I hadn’t opened my gob. He prob got the willies judging from my reaction. I was chatting to another guy as well. I have chatted before to him. He’s very nice and decent. 


So then I popped along to the cinema. I first went along to my babe Anthony Mackie. He’s such a darling and a babe. Even the way he stands and the clothing he’s Waring. Ahem the movie I’m referring to is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Review here


Then afterwards while waiting around for the next film. I headed out and have a looksie in the shopping malls such as Jervis and Ilac. However majority of shops were closed. I just looked at the models. I find that the shorts for this year, are a bit bland, as I said not too long ago that the style on offer was very bland. Well a few weeks later, still the same. Ill keep an eye out. So when I arrived back at the cinema, I bumped into another good mate of mine. Brendan O’ F. Brendan was seeing Frank. Apparently a film about the lead character(Fassbender), has a mental illness and he was hiding it via  mask. I found that quite interesting. So we both went to our individual films. I was popping along to see my other babe. Just far too many babes. You know that. hahaha. My other babe being of course Andrew Garfield and his film The Amazing Spiderman 2. Review here. So then after the film, I met up with Brendan again. We headed off. We hung around til 2am so that he could get his 2am Nite link service home.  


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