Diary 14th May 2014

Firstly I showered. Got rid of every hair  I could think of. Namely the chess, arms and legs. Mom collected me for me to help Dad Paint  the railings. We had a bit of a chat first over a cuppa tea. Dad somehow brought up my sis’ past (yet again): This time relating to her being a “jailbird”. When she was young, she used to get in trouble with the authorities. It was found that it was part of her Personality Disorder, namely Borderline Personality Disorder. He had said something in the line of, that she’s paying a visit to all the hospitals, something like the way she used to paying a visit to all the police stations. Why can’t he just move on. They ask us to move on????? I felt like saying to him, she had to find solace somewhere. ????????

We then moved on to discuss the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 which was won by a Transgender person Conchita Wurst. Once again heartiest congratulations to her and her country Austria. She did them proud. Dad had mentioned that the papers refer to her as Transvestite. It was my understanding that a transvestite is a person who dresses up as the opposite sex or something like that ie a Drag Queen.  or a King for that matter. Twas quite a debate. I shall seek advice on the term before commenting further.

My job wasn’t too bad. I was first to clean and scrape, then to actually paint. While painting, few people passed by that Dad knew. I knew only one person Pauline from next door to AIlish and Noel the neighbors of the folks. I haven’t seen her in years. She got defensive(which is quite a bit weird if you ask me) when I told her that you can get a job in the States namely New York, much easier than getting one here. She also mentioned that I was “lying on the job” a skit of which I didn’t take too kindly by way of replying to her saying: I fail to understand. She even mentioned this to Dad by saying George don’t understand “lying on the job”. The reason I didn’t take to kindly was my back was killing me, as I had to get up earlier than normally. Even thou I went to bed slightly earlier.

When I had first started, Dad basically in a round about way of saying, as I didn’t turn up, that he had done a lot of painting without me. My reply was simple. As i didn’t get a call i assumed he didn’t want me. Mom had previously on the way home from the Mater from visiting my sis, said on my voicemail that Dad would ring me with the time to collect me.

So afterwards, we had a grub or bite to eat. Then, I headed back. Mom who dropped me back, wanted to get milk in Spar, so I got myself my babe Soya milk. hahaha.

So I got home, relaxed for a few hours, before heading to see Transcendence. Review here. I went to get my new found fame of Sorbet(after learning they now sell(which has been for awhile now) Dairy free Sorbet). I asked the sales person for the usual. And he asked if I have Lactose Intolerance. He stated that he has it as well. I said in a friendly that we should join forces to set up a club or something. hahaha. So then he went on to say that he himself “forced” himself to have it. Which I found peculiar. To each is their own.


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