Well only one word comes to mind when it comes to review this film. I was half looking forward to seeing this film which is 7 why I left it til late to see this film. Confusion is the word I would see in this film. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to go and see the film. The plot I found very confusing. A guy is shot with a bullet that contains some Radioactive materiel that eventually killed him. His mind however was saved. As Captain America: The Winter Soldier(Review here) puts it: “Science could not save my body, however the mind…”Its something to the same affect. In that Science could not save the body full of radioactivity. They however connected his brain to a AI(Artificial Intelligence). I also gathered that the controversial topic was enabled int he film. Namely NANO Technology and Stem Cell Research. It would amazing to see such advancedment in technology. However like anything else, there’ will always be trouble. Johnny Depp’s Character that was curing people which would be wonderful however is also starts to become dangerous. So to combat all this RIFT attmepts to prevent this. So sadly Johnny’s onscreen wife(Rebecca Hall), is shot, to save her and mankind, she attempts to transfer the virus from the injection initailly to the computer to shutdown Johnny’s Comptuer ie his mind. So bottomline is if you’re ever bored and want to do something with your time, this film, might be up your alley. 


2 thoughts on “Transcendance

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