I got up, for the first time in a while very tired and groggy. So far no dreams. So that’s cool. Pops collected me to go to Physiotherapy.  The route he took, brought back memories of me canvassing for for one of the politician who was going up for the 2011 General Election(In which we elect TDs to the Parliament(Dáil Eireann). WE then passed a church where there was a community hall in which another meeting I went along to representing Fine Gael too.  In this instance the meeting was actually to convince Voters to Vote YES on Lisbon(Can’t recall the year – although there were two Referendas on Lisbon – I can’t recall which Lisbon I was at the meeting for). Pat Gilroy a well known Dublin GAA Football Manager was present. In which his view was to vote for Jobs etc.,


So in the end, we arrived at the Physiotherapy. The Dr. asked that I do exercises well technically he showed me how its done, via me. In that he got me to do the exercises so I’d know what to do when I’m doing it on my own(hahaah like thats happens). The exercises in question that he asked to say hold your stomach but don’t move anything else, something to that effect. I found that quite difficult to do. So then afterwards just before finishing up the session, teh Dr. asked is there any point in continuing. I said not really considering, if I do the exercises I should be cool. He suggested thou that I should pick up a sports. Personally I’m not into sports let alone watching it. I told him that I have been walking quite alot. But he meant something to the effect that I do it as fitness or at least a routine kinda thing.


So then we headed back to his place, to finish off the painting from yesterday. I basically was just holding the ladder for him. Simply put. While we were having breaks, I had told them(both Mom n Dad) about the Lactose Intolerance guy yesterday saying that he forced it upon himself in that he took Dairy milk like a whore. Dad simply says “No two people is the same”. Then we both went up on the garage where I took a few selfies and of course helping him. He painted the pots that are on top the garage roof.


Then Mom dropped me home. We were gonna do flowering ie sowing flowers, however plans changed, so we just left it, I’ve to back up to em tomorrow(Friday). I showered, got myself ready for Noah. Review here. When I arrived, I was told that the movie for 9pm wasn’t on. This has happened on too many an occasion, whereby the Site states a film and time. Then its found that the cinema in question don’t have it. This last occurred back earlier in the year. So to move on, the guy offered me 1 of 5 movies to choose from. The Amazing Spiderman 2. Review here. Pompeii. Review here.  Bad Neighbors. and Godzilla. As I was going to be seeing Godzilla in iMAX with Cineworld Craicheads, I decided to leave watching Godzilla. As per my Pompeii review, I was not going to be sitting 2 hrs in a movie theater wondering when the hell will that Volcano go off. I had no interest in Bad Neighbors. So I decided to  see my babe. He misses me terribly. awwwwwww.

The showing wasn’t starting til 9.30. So I decided to pop over to the Outhouse. As I had left my Soya milk behind, I decided not to trust Dairy EVER, so I decided tot try a new item. Herbal Tea. Twas a lovely tea. My first time having one. I had Wild Raspberry herbal tea.

I then headed back on over to the Cinema where I enjoyed watching my babe. He’s something else alrite. As Davey Wavey says: God Damn. mmmmm. However in the movie, scene of burying Gwen, I got a shocking thought in that I die and leave my puppys to whoever and they rip them apart. Twas a shocker. Never in my wildest did I expect that. To try and get rid of the thought, My precious’ (Garfield)clothes is what I was looking at.

On my way home, I was thinking of how to setup a FB Account whereby I say that Georgian is in a relationship with ….. My Puppies and my Inflatables. BUT the only problem is: I’d have a hard time figuring out which, Sammy or Patch, Champy, Stocky, Onie, etc., etc.,


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