DIary 17th May 2014

I was falling asleep at the computer. So horrifying and yet annoying. So I closed up. Went to sleep for a few winks. However I received several loud bangs at my door. Maureen wasn’t as bad initially. But when Mom came, I thought hell came to her she received bad news or something. So as a result of me not getting my beauty sleep, I decided to stay on.

I was due to go to the Tarzan Movie and then later on get my glasses fixed.

So instead of I was getting dreams. One quite interesting one thou however: My sis and I are in a classroom somewhere in the States. And in front of the whole class and one or two other staff members, the teacher tells my sis that she must go to Texas, no wait how about Phoenix, Texas. Now I can’t quite get the significance of Phoenix. Considering there are 50 states in the US. North America comprises of US, Canada and I think Mexico(Not sure how he fits in). Now it is then revealed that the reason being is my sis Gay and Foreign. I says, sure I’m the same as in Gay and Foreign. And not a peep out of any of em. Weirdly my sis ain’t budging either. So if its not Gay and Foreign, could it be because of her Mental Illness. So i then in reply saying that I could sue your asses for discrimination. Ahem i’m referring tot eh Educators or Teachers as we call em over here.

I decided to find out what is in Phoenix, Texas. I asked a friend of mine, if there was such place in Texas but he wasn’t sure if there was. I know a Phoenix in Arizona, but Texas???

So anyways I have been looking at 7th Heaven. As with any episode, there’s always something that stands out. For this week, it would be the fact that I never knew there was such thing as Internment Camp. Its really amazing that you can learn quite alot from TV. There was an episode on 7th Heaven whereby there was a survivor from internment camp survivor. She was Japanese. It was featured that if there was a Japanese person or even a person perceived to be from Japan or whatever was put into this Internment Camp. Where they were stripped(not sure about Clothing), but any property or whatever they had, it was taken off them.

So yeah, TV film etc., is my future. I learn via TV aka NOT text. Same with sex. I don’t know how to perform, so I take tot he Porn Collection I have and I practise.

A quote for you all from the mother of the series, played by Catherine Hicks, “Smile, Baby, Smile” saying to my babe Simon(her onscreen son)


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