Diary 20th May 2014

Shortly before I headed to sleep or more so because of my twisting and turning and attempting to sleep, I was chatting to few guys. One being Jordan Dunbar. I recognized him via his Instagram. He was on my old Facebook I think. Eitherway I somehow remember him. Another guy I was chatting too as well was Jan from Czech Republic.This was the guy i had met from my days of homophobic abuse. I met  him on Grindr and I just thought to ask him if he was Jan from Czech and to my surprise and joy it was. After 3 years, its unreal. hahaha

When I eventually got to sleep, this was a particular dream, I had. Being held in custody for 3 days. I comply. On my way home from somewhere it’s pouring out of the heavens. I go ahead instead of waiting around. I then go slightly a different route. I bump into a building that had to do with soccer but it’s actually modeling. Now the dream featured  weird items such as painting your body with highlights. Now i doubt that actually occurs. But one thing that really came out an am I gonna investigate via my favorite and best friend Google. Can an android phone take pictures automatically like the way they do in modeling

Eventually I got up. I first checked post for Crina like I always do, cause sometimes she gets her old post their and me too. It twould appear that the tenant opp the Romanian has moved out. The landlord’s lacky is there. Decorating etc. He notes my new bike and asks how much money it cost without me revealing the cost. He expresses by saying I have alot of money. I say I wouldn’t say that if i were you. This is the same lacky I’ve  had a few run ins with him. Namely the abuse I endured.

I then went onto to my Quarterly Sign-On. I first headed there. My next sign on is not til next August. Of which this time, I had the times right. yipeeee. So with this in mind, it was my next duty onto the Post Office.

I was approaching my next agenda namely the Post Office to get my weekly Payment. I then realised that I left my Post Book required to transfer funds to Bank acc for Increments, Loan, and my OVER Debt O2 for the phone. But because of that, I headed back. Now Mom in the mean time, rang me to find out where I was so she could help bring home my laundry. Now I don’t blame her, I was wanting to do my walk of which I love. BUT Stanescu here left his card behind. And so she brought me to An Post. I then went across the road to AIB as I have lost my Card YET AGAIN. Grrrrrrr. Cute guy in the Bank was in the queue. He was dropping coins. He was clearly getting embarrassed as it happened a few times. Thou he was very cute, slightly taller. Darker skin possibly a Spanish. Well at least a Latino. Wearing a Tshirt with “Your Guide to Mustache”. Normal trousers ie NOT Jeans or Trackies or Tracksuit Bottoms. Just trousers. What a babe.

I then went to Clean Freaks after seeing my babe hahaha to collect my laundry. When I went in, Luke the manager or owner or whatever he is, told me that the system was down, and I wanted to change my name to Stanescu instead of Coffey.

Mom then treated me to a Brekkie in Andersons of which was actually enjoyable. So then she dropped me home and she headed off. I then was looking at Dallas and Morning Edition. Then I got myself ready for my visit to my sis. I got the food that I wanted to give to her. When I arrived, she apparently wasn’t there. I rang her, messaged her on FB, obviously rang her buzzer., to no avail. I was saddened that I was getting anywhere. So I headed back. I rang the hospitals to find out if there was any patient by my sis’ name. I couldn’t get through to them at all. I have since spoken to her, and delighted to say to you all, that she’s fine, thou she did take a turn via Epilepsy, hence why she wasn’t able to see me today. But I’m thankful that she’s safe now.


So as I didn’t get to see my sis tonight, I instead have been looking at the Prime Time Election Debates. Both for Midlands-North West constituency and now I’m on South Constituency Deabte. One of the Candidates from the Midlands-North West debate, however did point out one interesting, in that, a separate group of candidates were put with one presenter and another group for another presenter. I find that that’s actually true. With Vincent Browne yesterday  he had them all in one panel.  One panel and ALL Candidates.


“We’re not running to be Bishop, we’re running to be MEP”. This quote is from my babe Simon Harris TD(Fine Gael) running for Ireland South European Constituency in the European Elections. The context of this was when the Catholic Democratic candidate said about a piece she saw in the Irish Independent, Simon Harris immediately belittles her with the above quote by saying the above quote and continuing on saying “Thats not true, not true, don’t believe anything you read in the newspaper, you’re scaremongering people. Scaremonger.” Her reply “Take it up with the Irish Independent”, his then reply “Ill take it up with you after the debate”


While surfing and going through Google+ Notifications(59) which ain’t normal. Of which I will explain in due course but while I was going through em, I saw the below warning. It simply states to slow down on my activity on Google Networks. Now I don’t understand how this has happened. Could it be that I have far too many notifications. ???I have since disabled individual notifications. When I logged onto my gay Google+ account after several months actually almost a year, I was given an attempt or option to subscribe to notifications from individuals in a Circle. or there wording Subscribe to Circle. So that would mean, that if a person who is in a circle that is subscribed to Ill get those notifications. I decided that I try it over on my other Google+ account. Twould appear that wasn’t the most wisest of ideas. I’ve since disabled it.


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