Diary 21st May 2014

Funny thing is that I got to sleep early yesterday. From now on, I shall be documenting what I eat etc., Cause its something to do with my food intake that my sleep is not working properly. So while sleeping, my dream was as follows: Quite weird if you ask me. Crina living in a big house. I wanna go home but it’s too dark. Mom n dad arrive with 2 pet dogs of a large size.

Ailish her nemesis arrives says stuff. Thou she was out of it. She arrives on a bus load with Michael couldn’t see anyone else. We wave. I say to myself wonder is she gonna say something she’ll regret. I then say to Crina “That’s history in the making”. Her reply “They can go to hell”. Nothing knew. hahaah. Something like that

So afterwards, I eventually got up, with no difficulty. I get ready to meet Brendan. On the way, I see my Barber Frank. I say to him “How’s she cuttin me”(Slang way for how are you). His reply “Short” found it quite humorous.

As I approached the Cinema, I noticed a group of foreign students outside an English Language school. Says I to meself, don’t tell me theirs another school closing down. I felt like asking them, have the closed down or what??? Pity I didn’t.

It was my intention that I go to Cineworld, and if he’s not their, I’ll pop into the Outhouse. As it happens, Is saw Brendan O’ F., going into the cinema, so I caught up with him, and got my tickets. We went up to the cafe bar, for a bit of chit chat. Chatted about various things. One item we were talking about was the Local and European Elections. WE were talking about using your vote. He asked about the Polls. I said Polls are no good. Like currently Sinn Féin are doing extremely well in the Polls. MY reply: “At the end of the day it all depends on the day ie the voting day. “. I was very well chuffed when he told me “My that’s a very Political way. “hehehe. I was very well chuffed. So there I was saying to me self, imagine a first Gay Politician, that’s already existing, how about a Gay Head of State ie US Gay President etc., I was very well chuffed and still am. We then headed in to see the movie: Godzilla. Review here.

So after the film, WE both headed on over to the Outhouse. We chatted further. Bumped into Bernard. Was lovely seeing him. So after the Outhouse closed up for the night, We then headed on towards the new bridge that opened up yesterday. On our way, we noted how lovely and never knew some businesses for eg There’s a sex shop on the quays, I think there’s two of em. I recognised the underwear brand Andrew Christin. So delighted. Though the Price was a big let down. What would you expect from a brand. I do however wish and perhaps some day will be paying them a visit. WE also saw quite alot of activity on the quays. ie renovating Super Value etc., We then arrived at The Rosie Hackett Bridge which only opened up yesterday as a Public Transport Bridge.  I then walked him to his bus stop and then headed off.

While doing my nightly social activity, Tumblr now amongst them. I was looking at a figure beside Drafts. and it says I have quite alot. I had forgotten that I had these enabled via IFTTT(If This Then That). So that everytime, I favorite a video on YouTube it saves the video as a Draft hence the figures. . So I then I was looking at the posts and two were of quite interest. The Eurovision from 1956 – 2014 and the The Life and Times of JR. Ewing in Dallas(The Original Series: 1980). Awww memmoreis.


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