Diary 22nd May 2014

Well today;s day started off with me trying to sleep. I was twisting and turning til the cows came home. I thought the alcohol would help. It did for a certain period. Thankfully there’s no more alcohol in my abode as one would say. I kept checking my phone and Poddy(iPod), the time was going slow. Getting up and waking up every few hours. Its most infuriating. Grrrrr. No dreams to report thou. So that’s a blessing in disguise.

I got up eventually, showered and got ready. I was to go along to the Meetup Group: Cineworld Craicheads for to see the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Brendan joined me. Ahem Brendan O’ F, i’m referring to. heeheh. He was visibly moved and emotional(well me hearing him beside me). I since have found out. Review here.

After the above film, instead of going off with the group, as they do after every movie, I headed to the Outhouse first. Had a nice few minutes to myself. Brendan went with the group to The Church(Pub btw – hahaha). I’ve recently gone onto and taken to Green Tea. My first tea was Wild Raspberry, then Camomile and today was Early Grey. It’s a new epxericen but loving and enjoying it.

I then popped along to see my babe movie Godzilla. Review here. I describe Godzilla after reasliing he was actually saving the world  or whatever as a babe. Or as Meet The Robinsons, Big Body and SMALL arms. Gawd I just find it so cute. Now in the movie Godzilla is a monstrosity. But eitherway, I just find it adorable. and the sound effects.

So on my way home, I went home. Raining. MY Sammy hasn’t been behaving the whole day. I was wanting to post via IMDB like I do for every new film, I go to see. But the phone was very slow, IMDB constantly crashing etc., So I have been looking at Dallas and Fair City. Fair City has been promoting and making aware of Mental Illness, which is disturbing, but needs to be done. And just about when I close up, I was looking at European Election Debate with Vincent Browne. Our pal Thereasa from Catholic Democratic proclaims that the Gay Liberation Front movement of the 70’s exclaims that Family is to be “demolished”. The whole panel were up and wore and later learned that Twitter likewise. She wants the Contraception Pill withdrawn because of the “Oestragoen” aspect of it. I admire my babe’s Simon Harris’ comeback to thte Gay remark on the Gay Liberation Front movement of the 70’s wanting family to be demolished. “I live in a Republic. He continued “We look after EVERY citizen” OMG Like.

Another very good point alrite, made by the American guy Jan Van De Ven(Direct Democracy Ireland) made a very good point, in that people who are being sent to Europe will actually change Ireland’s future. Its their job. Afterall why are we voting for them. The rest of the panel, say otherwise.


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