Diary 25th May 2014

Well I got up naturally, an hour earlier than anticipated. I got several missed calls from my sis. I then rang back. It so happens she wanted to me call up to hear earlier than normal. So with this in mind, I got up showered and “spruced up” for her. I make it my business to look my best when meeting people. Generally for my sis. I can’t recall properly if I ever for my mates. Dunno why. Perhaps that I would be late meeting before the film or whatever. So after the shower, Mom pops down with a Chinese of which I gave some to my sis. Then after her, I headed off to see my sis of which I hadn’t seen her since my visit to the hospital when I visited her a few weeks ago. I popped into Spar on Philipsburgh Ave., to get a a few Toilet rolls. Then I turned onto Brian’s Rd., of which I was looking for Rosie Hackett’s house where she used to live. When the Rosie Hackett Bridge was unveiled, I uploaded pics on my Facebook. A friend of mine, posted a Wikipedia Article, I then saw in the article posted, that Fairview was mentioned and that she used to live there. So I looked further and saw that she lived on Brian’s Rd., I thought 188. But when I was on the way to my sis via Brian’s Rd., I was looking for 188., but the houses began from 148 onwards ie BACKWARDS. So onwards and upwards as one would say. I then popped into Centra to get more toilet rolls. Then across the road from her, I bought more toilet rolls in Maxol.

I then finally saw my sis. Hadn’t seen her in a few weeks as one would say. WE chatted for a bit. But not as long as normal. We chatted about the ongoing family issues. So then we dispersed, she got a taxi back to her fiance to be. Then I realised that I left my Poddy and Earphones behind. My phone wasn’t working properly cause somehow water was got all over it. Hopefully Sammy will be alright. I’ll give it a few hours.

SO I popped up to Moms and Dads as I had left her place earlier than normal. We were looking at the Local and European Elections live coverage. Dad explained some terms such as Transfer of Votes. I understood some of it. He also explained Tallymen, Exit Polls. I understood Exit Polls to be, when the voters have finsihed voting, some are asked who did they vote for. That sort of thing. As regards the Tallysmen, from what I understand, they are the men who are looking at the Ballot Papers as they get opened from the big box. However we were all shocked that Bríd Smith(People Before Profit Alliance) wasn’t voted in. So afterwards Dad left me home.

Ronan my mate Skyped me. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I have a fear of chatting in person over a computer let alone on the cell phone. I have no problems chatting to my sis on the phone and family(aheam) But twas wonderful. So now am looking at tonight’s Election 2914 Live coverage., that I had recorded. However, when I had arrived home, I was very distraught to learn that my Sky Box, had a technical fault, and had not recorded anything in relation RTE 9 and the Election Coverage. I had to restart the system. When I came in and not seen the Recording light, I just had assumed that either I ran out of space, or that the program was finsihed. As it happens, the Counts were still ongoing til about 2am this morning. Sammy thou still not waking up. Pls pray he does. I’ll keep yee guys updated.

Election 2014:

Both Lord Mayors: OIsin Quinn (Dublin) and Galway City Mayor both have lost their seats.

Fianna Fáil, Sinn Fein, Others doing extremely well at Local Level.

Fine Gael/Labour Govt, completely wiped out in the Midterm Elections. In the words of Barack Obama “Change is gonna Come”. And so far I think it has. Sinn Féin Ireland polling well. Fianna Fáil digging up out of the grave. So change defo needs. Oh and my fav the Indos and Others. So as Catherine Murphy TD(Ind) says “We(The electorate ie the voters) punished them (the politicians) at the Polls”. We are going to continue to punish.

Bríd Smith(People Before Profit Alliance) sadly was not vote ie did not get a seat int eh European Dublin Constituency. Considering she did extremely well in the TV Debates. Got her point across. As they say you can expect surprises alrite.

Lynn Boylan(SF) Elected European Dublin Constituency
Former Olympic Gold Medal Kenny Egan has won a seat for Fine Gael’s South Dublin County Council.

So another exciting evening in the Elections field.

So in summary Elections 2014

 Labour Complete wipe out.

 Brid Smith eliminated

 Emaonn Ryan(Greens) requests a recount

 Lynn Boylan(SF); Biran Hayes(FG), NEssa Childers(Esker Chidlers (President of Ireland – Granddaughter(Ind)) All elected to European Parliament of Dublin Constituency

 Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael overall did extremely well int eh Local Elections. Many congratulations to all involved.


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