Diary 26th May 2014

Well its Day 2 without Sammy. Trust me it ain’t pleasant. Before I went to sleep, I tried my cell phone again. It was lighting up alrite, HOWEVER, the screen was discolored on a constant basis. So I just left it on Charge. Todate , I’m gonna try a new battery and see will that work.

Elections 2014

Day 3

I was very dishearten to learn of the Labour Leader: Eamon Gilmore to resign. Because the deputy Leader(Joan Burton TD(Minister of Social Protection) is the Director of Electors and the Dublin – West By Election, her ideas to go for Leadership has been damaged too. Thats just my view. As I said on a friend’s post, We should just sack the lot of em. Perhaps even put Michael McNamara(He’s the guy who asked for the resignation of the Leader and the tendership of the resignation of the ENTIRE front bench(ie the Minsters in Govt)

 Eg. Minister of Education: Ruari Quinn

      Minister of Social Protection:  Joan Burton

      Minster of Natural Resources, Communication, Energy: Pat Rabitte(Might I add, a former Leader)

     Minister of Research(something like that), Sean Sherlock TD

Under the Leadership of Eamonn Gilmore TD:

President of Ireland: Michael D Higgins won the Presidential Election of 2012.

He welcomed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to the Republic of Ireland. First time in a 100 years, since King George VI(Her father)

He accompanied President Higgins over to the United Kingdom on a State Visit to United Kingdom. First time an Irish Head of State’s to visit.

Phil PRendergast early in the month, called for his resignation too.

So as you can see, Eamonn Gilmore’s leadership has been a credit. He will be sadly missed by all. Well me anyways. hahaahha.

Sadly when in a coalition government, the smallest party will always suffer. It ain’t fair. But as one would say “Life ain’t fair”

Brian Crowley (FF) elected. He’s been in it for about 20 r 30 years.

Fianna Fáil holds largest of seats

FG NO LONGER has the majority of representatives at Local level.

SF BIG Winners at Party Levels

Luke Ming Flanagan Elected for MEP Midlands North-West. So delighted. We need more Indos.

Ireland South

On an unrelated note to the Elections, I came across the new revamped site of Gays.com, of which I have been a member for a few years now. When I first joined it, it was jumping with social networking activity. However I went off all social activity during my time with my ex and so forth onwards. In the last year or so, I have gotten back on the bandwagon, but I found the site to be very poor in comprasaion to what it was like a few years ago. I do get an odd message hera and there and winks. etc., But now I rarely do get any activity. Now that the site has been revamped, it has introduced new features but most of all a membership level that you have to purchase a month. Now while the rates are pretty reasonable, I don’t find it attractive. Even the most basic thing of the site, I enjoyed Winking has now been limited to 3 a day. And worse of all, you can only have 50 friends. Those are two buggers for me personally.

Election 2014: Day 3: Summary

Brian Crowley(FF) Elected Ireland South European Constituency

Eamon Gilmore TD(Tanaiste, Leader of the Labour Party, Minister of Foreign Affairs), resigns as Leader of the Party. Will step down officially when the Party elects a new Leader in July.

No Cabinet Reshuffle will occur until the July the earliest due to the Leader of the Labour Party stepping down.

Brian Hayes TD(Minister of State of Office Of Public Works, FG) elected to Ireland Dublin Constituency

Nessa CHilders TD(Independent) Formerly of the Labour Party(resigned from Party over Budgetary reasons), elected to Ireland Dublin Constituency.

UKIP in the United Kingdom, gains the largest seats in both Local and European Elections

National Front(France) gains seats in the European Elections.

As you can see EuroSkeptic is gaining more and more as European needs to be controlled.

As you can see another great day in Election.

Update relating to Sammy, he was working for a few minutes. The Battery overheated big time. So the phone is still gone. Bottomline, perhaps a new Battery is in order me thinks.


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