Diary 29th May 2014

Today I was due to get up for about 3ish so that I can put the money in for the Rent Bill. I got up at 1 and sorry that I didn’t stay up. However I was tired and groggy and I wouldn’t mind that I went to bed earlier yesterday, still I failed to get up for 3ish. Instead, I saw the red light, that was helping me to gauge when to get up. But that didn’t help as it was actually recording the 6.1 News and NOT forgetting Knots Landing. I was so pissed with myself. I rang my sis immediately, to let her know my status. I was meeting her to get my Poddy(Oh boy, have I missed you). Then meeting O’ Farrell for the film. So I dropped my sis half way down to her gaf, where her fiance is. For privacy reasons, I cannot divulge her location and of course reasons for reasons of Mental Bullying by the folks. So after that, I headed onto meet Brendan. HOPING to god he was still there. I had my music of which I was delighted with. I had missed it so much. Music is my life.


So then I met O’ Farrell. Was delighted to see him. We chatted for a bit before the film.

Maleficent. Review here. We then headed off after the film, to his bus. On the way we stopped into McDonalds had a chat. Twas wonderful chatting about my sexing days to him. I had used sex at the time to cope with homophobia. So now that I’m on the bandwagon, why can’t I bring myself. It don’t help when I have to bring up the Hep B, like considering it ain’t that bad. Even if I had HIV which thank god I don’t, SAFETY is a key concern to me. Yet stigma is still there. So afterwards, I headed on home.

Finally Marian Harkin returning MEP has been re elected. Congratulations. Delighted for you.

275 votes ahead and a full recheck of over 64000 got underwear yesterday. On my way home, thou, I received a horrific fright. I thought they were gonna attack me. Well actually it was a woman, might I add a pregnant woman. I was listening to my music, as I said it is my life. Or as some would say: “Music is my life”. Well as I said, I was listening to my music, she approached me and tapped me on my shoulder. No one can imagine the fright I got. Its indescribable. I replied to her “You frightened the shite out of me(me continuously repeating)” saying nearly shouting the street down to the point that people well cars, nearly was stopping to see what was going on.


I was over the moon to learn that Marian Harkin because the last person to get re-eelcted to MEP.

The following are the Stats for all the Party s in the Republic of Ireland who have been elected to European Parliament:


11 Seats

FG 3

SF 3


FF 1

FF Cope conceeded


3 Labour TDs have announced their candidacy for their Deputy Positions: Following are the TDs

Jnr. Alan Kelly

Jnr. Sean Sherlock

Michael McCarthy

Alex White due to declare for Leader of the Labour Party.


Apple purchases BEATS for $3BN. acquiring because of its Music Streaming service. to compete Spotifly and Dr. Drey has 3 sep companies in Ireland. iTunes service has been decreasing in numbers due to the rise of Music Streaming services etc., such as Spotify, Pandora, etc.,


Three’s acquisition of O2 is confirmed by the Commission of Communication of Europe. They have allowed the acquisition of fears of competition decreasing and prices being hiked up. However the European Commission is so far happy with the plans.


The whsitleblower controversy has rosen up again. This time, with the mistreatment that Sgt, Maurice McCabe has been getting.


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