Diary 3rd June 2014

I was due to meet Maureen on my monthly meetings. I last saw her back in April. So on my way, I went to the Post Office, to get my weekly payment. I went across the road to AIB to lodge last weeks Rent money and of course bills and of course this weeks money into my account. However I still didn’t have my AIB. So as I was about to queue to lodge my money via the Staff, a member of staff approached me to see if she could help. Its norm. I said to her, that I don’t have the card, so she asked that I go to the Customer Service to get my Account Details. So afterwards I got the details. With the Lodgement machine, it always used to ask the card. However today, it asked for my Account Details. Perhaps this is a new featured. If only I knew this feature existed, then I wouldn’t have to delay my Rent at all. Etc., Was delighted with this. I had intended on changing my O2 Money PIN via the ATM. However I forgot that. So then, afterwards I moved onwards to Scribbles to top up my O2 Money card.


Then afterwards, I made my way to meeting Maureen. We chatted for a bit. I recognised Bernard from the Outhouse. Maureen got grub for me. Then I went up to get Green Tea and bumped into Bernard. Had a wee chat with him. I found her to be quite different interms of comprehending me. Like when I said to her that I wanting to dress up in a Penis Costume last year for Halloween. She kept thinking it was a Pig or a Peanut or whatever. I got the fits of laughing. However one good thing came out of the meeting in general. She was going through all the memories of when I was a kid etc., I had told the, that I couldn’t remember any of it, when I came out. She was deeply hurt and excruciating. I could tell. She didn’t even have to say or do anything. I explained that when I came out, and got a negative feedback ie homophobia, that the trauma caused my past memories to disintegrate. SO afterwards, Mom in the meantime, had rung her to say to meet her. I headed over with Maureen to meetup with Mom. She was getting her hair done in Peter Marks.


I then headed onto towards the Outhouse. I popped into Lifestyle Sports to have a look at the Sports gear for the Sportwear Fetish Night on Pride Week being held by Gear Ireland. However I found them to be far too expensive. So I left them, and headed into Glamworld sex shop. Cause I miss buying Penis Inflatables. I have one called Bobby but he ain’t around these days. However I got excited when the shop clerk told me that they now sell one whereby you can punch it and it’ll come back up. I also asked about the Wrestling suit. More so I asked “anything SPORTS fetish”. He pointed me to the Wrestling.


I then arrived at the Outhouse. Where I came across Joe. I told him that its such a small world. Cause on his FB Profile he had a pic of Cillian O’ Donnacha. I recognise him from being an actor on Ros na Run. When Joe mentioned Cillian’s character “Rhino”, I asked did he follow it or something. Joe works in the Fashion/Costume industry. So I sat down and a nice cuppa green tea. Before I headed home, Tiffany who owns the Outhouse or whatever, asked for Brendan S. Hadn’t seen him in ages.


I then headed towards home. I first stopped off at AIB just down below to transfer everything from my current acc to my savings acc so that I can transfer the funds AS NEEDED. I then headed to Pennys to see if I can get a sports regout for the Fetish Party. I was hoping for a Romanian regout. I’m not even sure if they are in the  World Cup at all. I remember the days of Georgie Hatchie(‘SCuse the spelling).


So my last job before I headed to bed, for a few winks, was that I get rid of the rubbish in the Kitchen mainly. I shall continue to rumage around the apartment.



Nominations for the Leadership fo the Labour Leader contest, has closed as of 12 noon midday Irish time. We will know the Leader after the Party members vote on July 4th. (hahaha Independent Day in the US – Great timing. ) Arthur Springs TD rules himself and expresses support in Joan Burton. A minimum of 4 “hustings” will be held around the country. Hustings is similar to a debate. Whereby the candidate(s) will outline their issues to the members who will be voting. 5000 members of the Labour Party are eligible to vote.


Following are in the running for the Leadership of the Party


  • Joan Burton TD – Minister for Social Protection
  • Alex White TD – Minister of State at the Department of Health(Junior Health Minister)

Following are in the running for the Deputy Leadership of the Party

  • Alan Kelly TD – Minister of State, Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport with responsibility for Public & Commuter Transport
  • Sean Sherlock TD – Minister of State, Department of Enterprise, Jobs & Innovation and Department of Education & Skills with responsibility for Research & Innovation
  • Michael McCarthy TD(Chairman on the environment)
  • Ciara Conway TD




A Constitutional change would be required to hold a referendum to abolish the Monarchy of Spain. Thousands would be in favor of abolishing the Monarchy over the recent scandal over Corruption and Elephant Hunting. Many would be in favor of  a Republic of Spain as a result of the Abdication of King Juan Carlos yesterday.























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