Diary 4th June 2014

Yesterday(Being today- 4th June), I was to go to the movies to see my new son Godzilla with Todd. I had messaged him as always. He had told me that he mightened be up to it, as he feels a cold is coming on. So I went to bed with unplanned day ahead of me. I hate going to bed unplanned. Now of course it ain’t Todd’s fault, don’t get me wrong. So then I said i’d text Todd first and if he still feels the same, to text O’ Farrell. However when 6pm came, I just hadn’t the energy to lift my phone let alone my body. So I jsut stayed on in bed. And slept for the night.



I  am doing the titanic tour via boat. We are queuing up at the quay. It’s a full dreary day. Then all of a sudden the doors open forcebly with the sun beaming in. The fits are and walks are made of ice n yet only the doors get the sun. That i mean is like a picturesque photo in itself alone. Then shortly afterwards i see this naked woman who looks like Berni from Ros NA run n not only that she’s yellow as in the Simpson’s. Says I wish something like that. She replies yeah ud wish. I says perhaps but not me I’m gay. So take what u want from that


I dreamt that Minister Howling resigns n strangely shows his leg in a sexual manner. Theres a large media presence


I’m at a premier of Batman v superman. I express disheartenment in the film. I couldn’t even tell the different between Batman n Superman’s character ie they were both wearing black costumes. Capes etc


I’m in a building with O’Farrell. There’s this bully boy as i call him. He has access to government files. Don’t ask me how. He says that ib have a social security card etc


O Farrell n I are discussing on bringing him to the luas like is normally would. I say I’m not in any hurry.


I’m at a crossroad junction  literally speaking. When I’m approached to an accident scene. I see the patient (which is kinda weird . the door of the ambulance is suppose to be closed n secondly she appears to b naked. She gestures me to move r maybe now that i think about it is to give me a clue as to cause. I don’t pay heed to it. It is found that the landlord property had collapsed r perhaps had termites r something. Not only that it’s the landlord that i have. So take what u will.


I come across on my travels that something seriously disturbing. I’ll give u all the lowdown. Literally ppl eating angels ie cannabalism. I says ur not suppose to be eating them. They earned there wings. I guarantee u won’t get urs wings if u continue. As i continue  in the journey r as Snoop Dogg days “let’s take a journey ” in katy Perry’s Californian girls video ; I see guts breasts etc being eaten. I feel Ill n start vomiting like volcano like.



25th Anniversary of the Teiannamane Sqaure in Beijing, Massacre. Chinese leaders fail to allow to discuss the massacre.


American Solider(Sgt Bo Barack Dal) handed over to US Forces ie released in replace for 5 Detainees to realese from Gautantmoe Bay.


800 Babies died at the now Demolished home(Bon Secours – Tuam, Co. Galway), have been buried in UNMARKED graves.


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