Diary 5th June 2014

Well I got up quite early after a long hibernation period. Poor Todd wasn’t around as it happens, he wasn’t well. I got his message this morning when I woke up.


I have been looking at TV alnight. So I instead got up and got my haircut. I asked the Barber of advice relating to let my hair grow downwards to see how it would look. My sis said that my hair grows too thick, likewise the barber. He did say however, let it grow for several months. So I got it cut. With which of course, I’m delighted.


So came home, to get ready for tonights films, kinda sad cause I’ll be saying good bye to my wonderful son who has been the thrill of my life. Well at least I have him as my son on my Facebook. heeheh. I first popped into the Outhouse, On my way, I came across Laurence(Albanian guy). He was standing on Granby Row. I understood he was waiting for someone. But he said as it was too hot or too strong, the Sun I mean, he said he’d stay in the shade while waiting for the pedestrian lights. Ie Green man. He walks in the shade. NOw after seeing him, I felt better in myself. In that throughout the whole day, I felt down. Not sure why. Perhaps my sis’ relationship or more so, that I have given up on the information grabbing from my folks relating to my sis etc., or it could be the mixed feelings of O’ Farrell etc., I still fail and think to myself on a constant basis, “Why the hell did I not go to the Outhouse, during my days of homophobia. “. Like I rang GLEN, my ex told me about GLEN, and YET NOT the OUTHOUSE. WHY SO. Outhosue has saved me umpteen tiems. So I onwards I went to the Outhouse. Got myself a cuppa tea. I saw David and some guy chatting. David said hi, BUT not a peep outta the other guy. Quite rude I says. I first thought it was Dayne. But I knew Daynes wouldn’t be ignorant like this guy. He just turned round, and NOTHING. I must be  a piece of shit or something. However when my pic(which I took of my new haircut) goes up on FB, I’m pretty sure 700+ friends or even my closest will say otherwise. So then  I went to the first film of the night X-Men: Days of Future Past(Review can be found here). Where there was comic areas(provided by none other than, Logan(Jackman) not a peep out of the audience. Only myself. They must have been dead or something. haahah. So then onwards to my next film Godzilla:(Review here). Saying my last goodbyes hehhe. Awwww. The Barber when I told him about Godzilla being my son, says something quite interesting BUT very true. He says that me having such fictitious ideas, must mean I don’t have much to think about. heheeh. He’s my precious(Godzilla – I mean). Then throughout the film, I began to think should I call Godzilla Precious. But just remembered that a pet name is actually called Precious from a TV or a Movie. I know, its just come to me. The movie Ice Age 4: The Continental Drift had a whale called Precious by the Granny  of the Sid character. Thats just so adorable. So while coming down the escalators for to get the next ticket for Godzilla, I saw O’ Farrell. Twas great to see him. He was going to see X-Men as it happens. I had already seen it, he wanted me to go with him. However I was going to see my goodbyes, to my son, BUT at least he’s still on my FB. God I’ll miss him terribly. haahaha. O’ Farrell and myself while in line, agreed to meetup after the film. Of which we did, he got the bus, and I walked back.


On my way home, I had gotten myself two Chinese. One being Fried Rise, Chips and Curry. and the other being Tofu, Curry and Fried Rice. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one from Welcome City. The latter being from Do Son. I kind liked the latter. Now don’t get me wrong, I love tofu, but it tasted like meat. On the menu and I said to the girl, that I wanted Tofu. yet it looked like meat. But anyways, the fried rice was separate hence probably why I enjoyed the original.



Archbishop of Tuam calls on responsibility on the Bon Secours Sisters behind the Mother and Baby Deaths of over 700 almost 800 babies sculls found


Gun Fire shoot 3 ppl officers dead and 2 others being injured in News Brunswick. Last time this happened was in 05 where 4 Officers were shot in whats was described as the deadliest attack in over 120 yrs. This is highly unusual in Canada considering High Levels of Gun Ownership.


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