Diary 7th June 2014

Again after failing to get up in time for the films yesterday, I ended getting up quite early. So with that in mind, I showered, and looked at TV to free up some space on the Box. One of the TV Programs I watched was a debate held every month. Each month brings  a new debate motion. This month(June’s) motion was: “Is Ireland Homophobic”. ahead the Gay Marriage Referendum. A Referendum btw is Ireland’s version of changing the Constitution. IN order to change the Constitution in Ireland, A Referendum is put to the People, ie the Citizens of the Republic of Ireland. SO with that part of the debates main points I found interesting were as follows:


Great point made by Leslie form BelongTo(Ireland’s LGBT Youth). In that she is a young person. The previous person says that young children are at danger with LGBT people etc., she immediately came back with by saying, that she’s in danger, she can’t walk down the street with her partner’s hands, in college, in school, simply because she is gay. Great come back. I applaud her.

Another point made by an audience member, the fact that we have to ask the permission from the “electorate”????

Marriage is a union.

Why does the State get involved in Marriage

Homophobia can also be the victim are silenced by their peers. This I can totally relate.

Two human beings who love each other; Two citizens of the State should enjoy the same rights, the same opportunity as every other citizen. Any person who calls themselves a Republican and doesn’t hold those views is against Gay Marriage, I would “challenge them”. Padraig McLoughlin TD(Sinn Féin)

Are you discriminated because you are “Straight”


So after a lively but wonderful debate, I then set about heading off on a wonderful walk. First stop was the Dublin Food Co-Op. On the way, I said I’d pop into the Outhouse for a quick view, while on the way their, I saw a fellow Outhouse friend(admittedly I don’t know his name – my bad. hahaha)We chatted for a bit. On my way, I decided to head into the Jewellers who replaced my watch battery to see if the very watch could be repaired, as the side of it, where I go to wind the hands. I found the clerk to be quite rude, never seen anything like it. I was at hte counter. THe least she could do was to pay attention to what I was saying. She had me left standing for a bit. When I eventaully got her attentnion, she was most rude. However because of this, time was not on my side. I still went ahead to the Dublin Food Co-Op,. I had arrived at just after half 4, 25 to 5, which the Dublin Food Co-Op closes at half 4. So then I headed back towards the cinema, for the meetup of Maleficent. I first stopped by in Pennys. Before I got to Pennys, I first stopped up in Glamworlds, well passed by it, as I hadn’t the cash I needed. Ima gonna get myself a fetish of Sportswear in the Sex shop and of course not forgetting Bobby ie Inflatable Penis. awwwwww. So then onwards I went to Pennys. I went into Pennys with a view of looking for shorts ie sportswear. But to no avail. I had best get my tail going as the event for the Sportswear Fetish is coming up for Pride 2014 as part of the Pride Festivities. So instead I got a few tank tops, of which I began to look as if they were Male or not. I mean like they were in the Male department. alrite. I even went back to the Floor plan to ensure I was on the right floor. So then I popped along across the road to the movie. Maleficient. Review here.  I met Eoghan. Twas wonderful to see him. So after the film, I headed onto Lidls with a view of getting a few Shorts, however I had found out with the coins I had, that I lost my €10 note which was kinda  kick in the teeth. But could be done. So I just got a few milks and then had a view of dropping up to the folks to visit and at the same time, to drop in the bags. So I headed back to my gaf and then to collect, the bag then head back to the folks place. When I arrived back at the folks place, I was quite surprised to see someone else’s car: Namely Michael, Fina and Silvia Doherty aka(otherwise known as the Dots). I saw Mom’s car parked outside, so I kinda figured she was on the way to my sis or something. But as it happens the Dots were there. Now picture this guys. Me playing my music, as it happens Glee and the seeing the car. My exclamation was “Oh, Fuck”. Now at first I was just gonna go ahead and see em all after several years, I hadn’t seen em for years namely since 2010. Now I have had several interactions with em on Facebook, but namely negative. Yes I have in the past wanted to get back with em, even my sis was deafened by me yakking about em. But the fact that they never attempted to contact me, Facebook, email or whatever, I don’t see the point in getting with em again. When I saw the car, It brought horrible memories back, namely with me having a nervous breakdown etc., e.g seeing the oven moving, my mind was so stressed that I was hallucination viciously hence a year or less I ended up in Psychiatric (well Counselling). So instead of me going down the same path or whatever, I decided against seeing them ever again. My family are comprised of MOM, DAD, MAUREEN(Nun) and my sis Crina. NO ONE ELSE EVER. Then  I have my Facebook Family, Puppies: Sammy and Patch of which I have adopted as Pets on Facebook too, and the Who could forget my babies Inflatables. SO GEORGIAN’s FAMILY = MOM, DAD, CRINA, MAUREEN, FACEBOOK FAMILY , INFLATABLES, SAMMY + PATCH. NO ONE ELSE. They just play around constantly etc., etc., So with all of this in mind, I rang the door bell, Dad answered the door, then eventually Mom came to the door. Dad told me that Kathleen Mulligan was there too, (of which I knew, as Maureen told me last week and was also severely involved in my homophobia campaign to degrade me. ) Dad was extremely hurt when I refused to go in, I could tell, Mom was no better. The way Dad would say ara come in, etc., I’d normally fall in and give in to him, however this time, I stood my ground and said nah. I didn’t even give an excuse, which would have helped come to think of it. I have given up on trying to convince them of the goings on. They know ABSOLUTELY everything regarding the activities on Facebook etc., Yet they still believe there Relatives. At the end of the day, Sis and I ain’t blood with them, so its slightly easier to let them go. BUT, as I said in my previous blog post, I WILL NEVER EVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS EVER FORGIVE MY RELATIVES(or whatever u wanna call em) Until they  acknowledge what they have done. If I had gone into the house, nothing would be said regarding the homophobia, no question of it. Homophobia as I learned above from the debate, also is a verbal, and physical experience but ALSO NON-VERBAL ie SILENCE. Thats homophobia in itself. Wow what a mouthful for such a quick visit to the folks place which was marred by probably now Controversy. We chatted for a bit etc., While Mom was chatting to me, Dad was trying to close the door on my face. He did not appreciate me saying NO to his wife’s rels. Now it wasn’t raining, or cold, so what else could it have been. So after the NOT SO PLEASANT chat/visit, I dropped the bag and Maureen’s Pasta tubs, into em, and set about heading  home. But then I said to myself, its quite early and such a lovely evening, I decided to see the new movie Edge of Tomorrow: Review here. Of which I understand has been receiving mixed reviews. Today’s plans was of last minute decision making. I was trying to decided, between Maleficient(Meetup group), and seeing a few NEW movies or visiting my folks etc., So as you can tell, I had a quite a day.


I have been looking at 7th Heaven and now Knots Landing. Interesting topic arose. Whereby Mac is secretly hiding a person who is being beaten by his father. Now while that’s wrong, what I find even MORE wrong, is the law in the US, well at the time of the airing of the episode, I ain’t sure. But in the epeisode its portrayed that the US Court returns KNOWINGLY the child back to its father. Now this is an outrage.


Petro Porashenko Ukraine President sworn in inaugural ceremony. Promises Crimea kept n Russian language rights; Bring Ukraine to EU FULLY


Cali Governor claims Irish Tax Breaks with US Companies, that if they had Irish Tax Breaks, the Californian State would be in itself its own country.




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