Edge of Tomorrrow

Well what to say about this film. I was previously advised it had mixed reviews. My friend Eoghan said it was brill and to go and see it. IT was on my to see list. Personally, I found the film to be quite unusual. In that it kept going back and forward. There was a bit of comic. The plot was actually quite simple but at the same time, quite complex if you didn’t follow it. The plot from what I could gather was that the General(Gleeson), sent Cage(Cruise) on a mission ie on a war to kill the aliens. However when Cage arrived, he was DEMOTED ie was made out to be a soldier instead of a Brigadier or whatever they call themselves. A series of events occurred. The tagline of the trailer LIVE, DIE, REPEAT was defo in the whole line of the movie. Cage Lived, was Killed and then Repeat. It was then found thou, that the reason all of the repetitions was actually to kill the main source of the enemy the Omar which is the brains of the Aliens. The Aliens have invaded the Earth, from Paris, to London, Berlin , etc., etc., So in order to contain or more so kill em,, Cage(Crusie) and the female character – of which I cannot remember the name(Blunt) had to join forces eventually and head would you believe it to the Louvre Museum – Paris, France and submerge and blow up the Omar ie the brains. Overall it was an alrite movie. I probably would go and see it again. But as much as say Dark Knight Rises or seeing my son Godzilla – NO WAY IN HELL. hahaha.









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