Diary 10th June 2014

After my another hibernation, I got up first looking at yesterday’s morning news. Then shortly afterwards I showered. Then I got a call from Mom saying Dad wanted to have a look at an email or something. So Mom collected me. I had a look at the the email that Dad was interested. As it happens Katie Moran had invited him to connect with her on LinkedIn. He also wanted to figure out the Awards from Bord Gais Energy his Gas provider. So I reset his password. We also looked up Springboard. Mom wants me to do a course to keep me occupied. Mom had mentioned that Kathleen was wanting to run after me. I had said to her, that no one was running after me. She said that she had stopped her in her tracks at the Kitchen by saying that he’s probably gone around the corner.


So then afterwards, as I had yet to get my dole, Mom dropped me down to get it, I then went to the AIB to lodge my money in via the Numbers (ahem my Bank details, as I have lost my AIB Bank Card yet again. . So I’ve given up getting a replacement. So Ill just keep to the numbers. )that I got last week.


Shortly before I headed off to my sis, I was checking my notifications on Facebook and noticed that I had received a notification from some woman liking a post I had posted that I was watching Mrs. Brown’s Boys on TVTag ON my Inflatables page NOT the Facebook Timeline where it should be going. So I investigated and to my surprise all the posts I have been liking with TV shows and even my Diary entries ie the Blogs from both Blogger and WordPress were all going there. So I immedleity went onto IFTTT website and disable the Triggers or the Recipes or whatever.  So I have turned off all Recipes. I tested it, and it still went onto my Inflatables. IFTTT is a wonderful site, it describes as “Getting the Internet to work for you”. So for e.g Everytime I post a Blog post on Blogger, It automatically posts to my Facebook Timeline.


So as time was not on my side, I got myself ready for the sis’ visit. Twas wonderful, to see her. We saw Rio 2 and Two and  A Half Men(Ashton Kutcher). Oh and of course Mike & Molly. I don’t really care for Kutcher’s Episodes. However when I saw Jake(Aengus T Jones), I got really excited. Twas wonderful. However she reminded me that’s older epsidoes. As int eh series he’s gone to the Miliary. I was a bit sad. awwww.


So then I arrived home, with terrible aches and pains and possibly diaraoes coming around. I guessed either that my sis put dairy milk in my Tea by accident(duhhh) or most probable cause my Mom’s CHEESE Quiche. I felt a bit tired etc., stomach cramps. So that’s probably it. How am I gonna tell her, I don’t want DAIRY. FULL STOP. SHE NEVER LISTENS. Like the State, when u have a knife in your back they will take u seriously. While I Was with my sis, it only occurred to me that it was possible that I had missed my appointment fo my Hep B Blood Test of which I go for every year. When I came back, I then noticed that it was actually 4th. I don’t know what to do, or how I even forgotten about it. What excuse will I use this time round. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I then continued on the investigation relating to my Inflatables getting my Posts from me Checkin to TV Shows etc., So then I noticed something, a bit of a pattern. In that all the posts that were going to my Inflatables were from Twitter. So then I went onto my Twitter account and noticed another investigative measure. I had enabled Posts to my Inflatables Page from Twitter. Cause everytime I had posted something on my Twitter account, they were all going to my Inflatables Page as well as my Timeline.


Government of Ireland: Announces Inquiry of teh Mother and Babies Homes. Bishops apologise


Surviiros of the Ilfated Cork Crash in 2011 have been reliving the horrors by retelling in the Inquest. in which 6 passengers died.


Crew Members of the South Korean Ferry are on trial. Charged with Homicide with Willful Negligence


MH370 Australian talking Monitory now.


Apparently it is illegal to have sexual activiitys if you have an Intellectual Disablilty unless marriage. Criminlisises Sexual Actiivites betweeen poeple wioth INtellectural Disablity unelsss they are marraied to aone another. WOW, just wow. So you’re telling me, people who DON’T have an intellectual disability are allowed to have sex, yet with INTELLECTUAL  U can’t?????


The Cook Report allegations of bugging on the Garda Ombudsman Commission, has been found no evidence


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