Diary 11th June 2014

I had made plans to go and see my son Godzilla with Todd, however he wasn’t feeling himself. SO we decided to leave it until he’s ready. He has this desperate cold. So as with anything, of which I’ve notice


A very cinematic dream in that my dreams based in a cinema. At one stage we were at an IMAX movie requiring a feedback. The movie was set on a ship with the monster being the enemy. I had negative feedback for the film. As I was approaching the feedback box in my mind I was approaching a church that had a crematorium in it. Then at another stage i leaving the imax n for fun tapped a member of staff s shoulder. Might add he s an elder. So I then go or towards the exit. N get inline for a ticket. I note they now sell microwavable popcorn. Somehow drink gets spilled. The  pours in the microwavable popcorn anyways.

Another  aspect of the dream that i realize I’m in a 3d film. So I say of fuck. Then I feel a 3d glasses down the site of the seat. They r very elegantly.


Then another aspect but so weird is that I’m sitting down n im in different areas. Its indescribable. Like one minute I’m in one place the next am else where


Then separately to cinematic dreams I then recall memories of me ex in his friends 30th birthday. M my first time staying up till 5am. Wondering what we did afterwards

Then that illfated night The front lounge

 We went to Temple Bar Hotel where we were to try my first experience of sex. However due to my ongoing stress of homophobia at home, I wasn’t able to “perform”. My Jnr., kept going soft. We went to Front Lounge where I got severely drunk(never have I done this before). We were to go to Break For the Border(Dublin’s TUES gay bar) But since moved to Dandelions.

The drinking episode i had with my ex in front lounge the night i also met Rory Cowan aka Rory Brown (MRs. Browns boy s Rory) for a pic n all. I  remember asking Keith who is this Rory u want a pic of as i had never heard of him. Keith described him off course I’d hoi to the wrong guy haha. So we drank the night away. I was getting very tipsy. But didn’t care. I just continued. Then we were all told to finish up as it was last orders. So Keith n I headed to our hotel. Where on the way I kept falling. Some guy approaches us n says something about bf. I can’t recall it being derogatory. We were supposed to go to the Break for the Border but unfortunately Keith had shoot himself literally as the new Bulmers Recipe has taken a toll on him. So we’re just headed back to the  hotel. Then all of a sudden i stated to cry outrageously skulking all my guts out on the homophobia etc. I remember him saying stop or I’ll start. He hates seeing the love of his life suffering. We surefooted to make love the next night but my junior was too stress like his owner.  The next day after the drinking episode we headed to the Jameson distillery. There was a tasting session. I just couldn’t handle anymore drink. I remember testing a bit n either give the rest to Keith or leaving it behind.


Can i promise u one thing. We the people of the Republic of Ireland are gonna fight u all. Uve ruined me for life. I can’t stop sleeping, can’t stop thinking of my ex. Only I get to have a say not u in my relationships.




It has now been found that the  Cook Report which was published  yesterday, actually found no evidence in the Garda Bugging in which GSOC, brought up back in February of this year. Former Minister of Justice Alan Shatter was found that he had told the truth. So now from my perspective that GSOC either the staff, and or the Organisation will need to look at the themselves, as they are after making two Senior positions UNTENABLE, namely Former Garda Commissioner (Martin Callinanan) and Alan Shatter. They both resigned or stepped down, because of the GSOC.


Reform Alliance Group has just published Proposals. Reform Alliance which consists of TDs who left their respective political partys because of their Party’s Policies. Eg. Lucinda Creighton TD, left the Fine Gael party because of the Abortion Laws. etc., etc.,, Consists of 5 Fmr., Fine Gael TDs and Two Senators. Denis Naugten, Senator Fidelma


European Commission is to investigate Apple’s Tax Break. Californian Governor Jerry Browner, poked fun claiming if Apple were to pay the same tax as they pay in Ireland to pay such a low tax in Cali, USA that Californian would be its own State Country. They are also investigating Fiat in Luxembourg and Starbucks in the Netherlands.


Lack of Regulations of Smartphone Apps, caused Berlin, Madrid, Paris, London to come to a standstill. All caused by App Uber.


2 Months ago a late 1800s Trinity College Gate, was rammed down.  and has now been reinstalled. a 68 yr old man has been in arrested and later released.


The World Cup Host country is further in tormoil with its poor work load and poverty.


The World Cup Governing Body: FIFA has been accused of corruption.


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