22 Jump Street

Two cops are tasked with an arduous but most comedic task yet. They are to go under cover to find who’s selling drugs or whatever when one student is found dead. Smidt(Hill) and Jenko(Tatum) are sent back to “You two sons of b!tche$ are going to college”. Twas quite an interesting movie. I wouldn’t say the best, but at the same time the worse. Here’s are some of the highlights. In one of the scenes, Maya(Stevens) and Smidt are together siting peacefully. Maya is doing an Art’s Major. They are in front of two Stone Structures against each other. She stats simply  that a person could be leaning against the other person for “Support”. I found that quite light heart warming. Another quote whereby Smidt was saying to Jenko when the two were apart, there friendship and partnership was heavenly and severely tested, Smidt describes himself as the “flower grew out of the seed”. I found it to be of interest and quite euphoric. However, Gays and LGBTs communitys and citizens will be very happy that my precious hottie Tatum, I’m referring to btw. haahah, stood up for the LGBT  when he states “Man, its 2014,” HE continued to saying That “Homosexual is ok, Gay is OK, etc., Tatum was referring to a scene when he was accused of being a “faggot”. Loyalty was heavily tested and was so in the spot light.





2 thoughts on “22 Jump Street

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