Diary 13th June 2014

I was due to get up to see my son Godzilla. Review here. However the alarm never wen toff and hence was far too late in getting to the film. However there was a different in this sleep hibernation as I’d like to call it. In that I was actually prepared to get up even thou it was too late(half 10 when I got up, which I instead stayed on. hahaha). The reason why my alarm failed to get me up was that Poddy(iPod) was in mute mode, of which while I was trying to get the quote from the film, Maleficent. Review here. and hence why I had to mute the Poddy.



ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq Syria. Originally known as The Islamic State of Iraq. World;s most dangerous G-HAdest(‘SCuse the spelling) organisation. ITs methods are so extreme even AlQae HAda(‘Scuse the spelling) has distanced themselves from it. From what I understand, to set up Islamic State in the Middle East. They’ve taken over Allepo – Baghdad. Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi has taken over the ISIS head since 2010. He’s been known as the “New” Osama Bin Laden. ” He claims to be direct descendant tot he Prophet Mohammad. Also known as ISIL –


Irish government warned NOT to get ease up on Austerity. Irish Citizens hopes up of the Budget 2015 have been “unhelpful”. They may need more than €2BN as initially thought. They have been warned by the European Commission.


One of the stadiums being used in the World Cup in Brazil has yet to be finished.


Surcharges and Hidden fees on Credit or Debit Cards are being banned as am from today with the new EU Consumer Directive. “Today, Europe is putting an end to consumer rip offs online.” – Commissioner for Consumer Affairs(Correct name – to be researched)The name of this new law is called Directive 2011/83.; Long cooling off periods for online shoppers. and end to the pre ticking of boxes when your purchasing a product or service online.



Franz Bechenbower(Scuse the spelling) German World Cup Winning Player and Winning coach has been banned for 90 days by FIFA for failing to cooperate in the Investigation to the corruption scandal of awarding the to the 2018 and 2022 to Russia and Qatar respectively.


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