Diary 18th June 2014

Well today was to be of a more relax day. I got  a message from O’ Farrell saying that he’s too busy with his family and his dissertation. So with that, I had a thought of whether to bother going out at all etc., For the sake of the Pennys in O’ Connell St., I decided to up the antiques. So I then showered got dressed and headed on officially to the Cinewolrd for the film. On the way, I had various ideas. The Outhouse, Pennys etc., etc., I went around the town topless. Twas a lovely day.


So I then headed onto Penny’s with a view of buying a sports gear mainly for the Gear Fetish night on Saturday week. as it happens, they had ran out of em as in like the Pennys in Mary/Parnell St aswell. So I said ill leave it altogether. I ain’t gonna spend €50 on a t shirt for something I’d wear one night. I had hoped that Gear fetish club would do Trackies as that’s a fetish too(well to my understand – haahah).


So it has been decided that I ain’t gonna bother with Gear Fetish Pride Night on Saturday at all. I had been undecisive. Well Penny’s in O’ Connell St helped me make up my mind. So with this in mind, I decided on the way to Outhouse that I pop into Glamworld to see if my Inflatable Cock as they call it for €25. It was unfortunate that it wasn’t there. They  had been trying to sell it. So I started to go around, and went to Good Vibrations, they didn’t have it then the I went into SoHo Books as well. I asked if they just sell books, considering the NAME. He said they sell other stuff DVDs, vibrators etc., and says “WHY”. I then asked if they sell Inflatable Cocks  and no surprise says NO. He then went onto say about Inflatables Penis on a beach and that’s why they are being sold like mad. I said on a BEACH of all places. Says he “Why NOT”. I was most not ready for that response. hahaha. But I of course agree hehehehe. They’s so adorable. I then went onto another sex shop(Black shop face – can’t think of the name). So I went in, there were two guys. One siting down, and the other a non-national. The Non-national didn’t know where it was. Either he didn’t have English or whatever, so frustrating it was. So I just left.


So then I went onto Outhouse. Twas lovely to see the old gang again. ahahah. When I first went in, Sven(‘scuse the spelling) greeted me with a ooooh hot kinda greeting, as I went in topless to sign in(for security reasons, you have to sign in in case of fire). So I put my top on and went in. I saw Patrick, Declan Kennedy, David(The quiet person), Noel(First time meeting him), Oliver. I had seen Noel in the past even the name. Just can’t quite recall it. hahaha. But eitehr way twas lovely seeing em. The discussion was Pride and today’s society. David’s argument was that the’re no need for showing dicks or asses  in Pride casue of kids etc., Noel’s argument was that we only get one day a year, to celebrate out diversity. They even acknowledged(Which I was amazed BUT so happy), that Bisexuality and Transgender people are often left out of the loop). Noel even mentioned that a work colleague of his, had asked him, how you know if you;re gay if you never had sex with a woman. His response was clever, “How you know you’re straight”. Great debate. However, I said to all, just emigrate to the US. hahaha.


And with that I went onto to see how my child is(ahem my son that is. ). I popped into see Godzilla. Review here. I had looked up the Cineworld App to see a film. Apparently I hadn’t looked at the film name, as I had understood I was seeing Godzilla at 20 past 8. But that was some other film, so I just went in anyways. I was late by a few minutes. But didn’t matter. hahaha. On the way hoem from the cinema, I noted a fire. I went over to have a looksie. It was just some ass burning something like a toy or something. Couldn’t make it out. haha


I then headed out like I did a few months ago for my spidey clothes., whereby I stay up til Lidls open the next day(19th June). I got a few clothes and my groceries 5x OJ. I looked in the milk isle for Soya, and to my surprise they don’t. They have Lactose Free milk. I asked a floor person, and they obv didn’t know what it means when I asked “Dairy-free”, by asking me “whaats that?” I was getting a bit impatient as they should know the products they are selling. So I said ” YOu know without Diary, not the cow”. Something like that. So then I headed onto Aldis as they’d have it. So I got my 5x Soya Milk. mmmmm. This elderly lady, all there as one would say – haahha.,  was getting a bit worried NOT for the good of my health as I was struggling badly with the two heavy bags but she thought that I would be taking my time by checking all the TWO bagful of prods. I felt like saying to her yes that I shall be checking them out and you will have to wait. She had only 3 items – cherries etc., She wanted to get ahead of me. I said that I ain’t that bad. That I Only have 5 milks to get checked ie to pay. I did however say to her, that in the past, that I have had to wait behind a customer who has a whole basketful of products. I then headed onto Tescos. I got my 5x Vegan Butter(Pure) and 2x Yogurt(Soya) and a chocolate flavored milk(soya too). So I asked if they sell Barefoot Wine as I had a taste of it on Monday. The lady kept insisting that I wanted to buy there and then(as its against the law to purchase alchohol BEFORE 11am). I didn’t want to buy it. I just wanted to know if they sold it at all. As it happens, they do. So thats good for me. hahaha. Then after Tescos, I headed on home. For a journey by walk that normally takes about half hour, it took me almost an hour and a half. The bags were killing me. Veins sticking out a mile long etc., So eventually after a long haul and struggling I got home.


While I was doing my lasssties of TV shows, before heading to bed, I got a call from a “Microsoft”. I remember this quite a few years ago, whereby I got caught in the scam. He would say that my computer is infected by a virus or whatever, and to pay up to get it fixed etc., So to save time, I said “I actually don’t have a Microsoft computer”. He hung up immediately. As he’s ringing International, it actually costs me, so I can’t afford it on my UPC bill.

I have noticed in recent days/weeks that I see things but they ain’t there in reality. Must be loosing my mind at a young age. hahaha. Eg. I was going through my FB Notifications and saw that a friend of mine had mentioned me in a comment. When I actually saw the comment, it was actually a different friend. Says I to meself: “Could have sworn it was someone else”. This has been happening quite alot of late.


Then as I was about to head to bed, I then noted that my RTE 1 O’ Clock news was not being recorded. Likewise the Morning Edition too. Was kinda annoyed. It was the infamous Technical Fault – 10 error I get. Previously I have received this, to resolve it, I have to Rebuild the Planner and restart the Box. Now normally I wouldn’t have a problem, however the problem this time is that I have to cancel any recordings which currently I’m recording Music on MTV Classic.



Rory McIlroy has announced he is to compete in the Olympic Allegiance in the Olympics 2016 in Rio `


King Juan Carlos’ son Prince Phillippe has been made King as of Midnight Local time(Which I think means Spanish time). Former King, signed the Bill into Law last night.


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