Diary 19th June 2014

As I was exhausted from the morning’s shopping and struggling in bringing em home, which obviously I got home eventually, I retired to bed for a few winks. However when I set the alarm for about quarter past 5 in the evening, for a film, I noted the time when I did actually wake up was shortly after midnight, cause I heard an alarm bleep for my gaming which I used to use for every night to send gifts to my friends. So I then realsied obv all businesses would be closed etc., etc., So I stayed on. In that here’s the dreams I had trhoguhout the night. hahha


Frank comes knocking on my door wanting something or whatever. Here’s me worried that i might get thrown out cause he has threatened in the past. So I quickly in a frantic throu a shoe away out of his way.

As it happens he is very depressed he didn’t even compliment on how TIDY my place is(which I kinda miss – hahah). So then shortly afterwards, he’s left and 3 people are on my coffee table, (whom I thought were with Frank) are halving sex right i front of me. Its like a dream morphed into another. Cause Next minute, I’m in my dream strokeing my junior. Getting hard etc., etc.,3 people I understood were all GUYS(mmmm) however one turned out to be a woman. Now WTF’s that about. haahah


Then another dream, I’m gone from a lecture late at night, to get my Vibrator with balls on the outside(just can’t describe em properly). Then they are in an unrecognisable bag for the sake of the public. When I approach the college and get in, there’s this reporter running after me etc., I strictly tell her, NO more. There’s a presentation going on, regarding a computer event or something. I sit in the corner. For some reason I kncok out the lights n immediately turn em back on. There had to be a reason, of which I cannot remember. Get this guys, my trousers n undies are down t oo, NOW WTF’s that about toooo. So I’m about to pull em up and I see a lassie telling her friend “look over here” etc.,e tc., So then I’m about to head off when the cops with guns pull up. and they threatening we will “shoot you, if you turn the lights back on”. In which they do, in the arm is where they shot me, as I turned em back on. the image I got out of the shooting was where in X – Men: Days of Future Past(Review here. ) was when Erik(Fassbender) was being shot my Mistique the bullet went straight through his neck, piercing a hole. Thats the image I got from the shot in the arm. I in the meantime had heard in the background two words. “paedophilia” and “cop”. I repeat this to the cops. As it happens they were fake cops. The reporters want to know whats going on. I tell em, You all have “cushy jobs”, while I’m struggling with life. something like that. I told em, “You can all Quote me on that”.




King Phillipe has been sworn in as King of Spain.


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