Diary 20th June 2014

So after yet another hibernation period(however I can now tell why I had a hibernation this time). Me body aching all over as if I had done a days work. For a walk that took a half hour to actually and hour and a half. I was aching in my muscles. Or as my ma would say” Muscle you’ve never used”. haahah. So eventually I got up, when I saw the red light on my box meaning the 1’o clock news was recording. Next minute when I actually get up, Its gone. So perhaps its ran out of space. Lord I hope so and nothing else freaky. So I showered. And one name has been involved in my mind for the past few minutes to an hour. My mom’s sister Eileen. I will have to ask my Mom if Eileen knows about my mom’s work colleague being gay and the gay couple in the US. Cuase if she don’t, then it would explain the homophobia, I got. Like that time, my sis and I were waiting outside the Hughes’ (Ailish and Noel)household to get a coat for my Uncles funeral(which started my depression). Eileen gave the most wickedest of eyes u could think of. Even in my own home(where I was reared too). She clearly is against gays. No question of it.


So after the shower, I listening to my voicemails. Two were of interest to me. One was from an English number which I found out eventually. She said “Sad day for England”. Meaning England must have been kicked out of the world cup and also about a bike or something. I’ve a feeling its either the Mulligans(WHICH I DOUBT IT) or Possibly my good mate and I refer to him as smiley Andy Palmer. And the other voicemail of interest were my folks. They came back from a holier in Wexford. Mom said on the voicemail they were in Courtown, Co. Wexford and on a boat(fake btw) and remember my sis steering the wheel. And another memory of my mom remembering too was the time my sis sang “Galway Girl” with a group in Ashtown/Ashdown Park Hotel just outside of Gorey, Co. Wexford.


So after the voicemails checking, I then set about heading off to Tescos and Lloyds Pharmacy. I got 6 or 7 Shaving Creams and 3 4 Pack Yoghurts, 3x Barefoot Wines(One for my folks – to welcome em home), 2x Butter(Vegan –  Pure) and Compost for me pops. So I called up to em. Boy what a reaction I got. hahaha. Twas priceless. I had my top off and a compost bag on me soldier and introduced myself as follow: “Farmer George here delivering the goods for my Pops.” When I said the same quote to Dad, he actually thought it was for myself. Says I to him, what do I need it for. hahaha. So I told em of my adventures to the Big Gay Sing, then to the Politics of Pride and Marriage Equality and A Pride to Remember hence where I got the wine for them. We discussed my bday, which being the 30th I’m marking it with my new phone. So after awhile, I headed off. Before I headed off, I had asked Mom if Eileen(her sister) knew about mom’s gay(male) colleague and Dad’s two Lesbian relatives(who got married ie Gay Couple). TO my surprise yes Eileen does know. and secondly she didn’t care, and what I wasn’t even prepared for was that Mom told me that Eileen didn’t mind, in that she was impressed by her JOB, not her label. I was most impressed. So why da hell is Eileen giving me looks. hmmmmmm. PONDERS. Mom dropped me home. So instead of me staying in for the night, considering it was quite early, I decided to head to the cinema.


So with that in mind, I headed on towards the Outhouse first to put in time as the film I was to see was at 10.20. However when I arrived, I was too late in getting a cuppa. So I just headed onto Men’s Night int he Library. Lo and behold I came across O’ Farrell. Twas great. So we both headed to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Review here). So after the film, I headed with O’ Farrell to Harcourt St., where its on his way to his place. I then  was saddened and still am, when O’ Farrell told me that the George is closing down and being baught by an English company Westerone. Something like that. And its gonna be converted to a restaurant. I exclaimed its gonna be a sad day for the Gay Community. Considering the straights have em everywhere, yet the LGBT have only 3 venues. The Dragon, Front Lounge and Panti Bar and the Dandelion which goes Gay on Tuesday nights.



Niall Collins TD has been marred in controversy when it was found that he had submitted a letter for to quash a conviction of a guy was delaying with drugs conviction. Now first and foremost he is the Justice Spokesperson for his party Fianna Fáil. He submitted the letter for “compassion” reasons just because he felt sorry for the family. What a load of bull me thinks. “Conceeds He erred with court intervention”


England kicked out of World Cup at group stage for the first time in 50 yrs. Italys Loss against Cost Rica posed a threat to England. England previously themselves had been doing poorly in their previous game against Uruguay.


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