Diary 23rd June 2014

Well what can I say about today. As I said to Searson, it was interesting  BUT productive. . The day started off with me, struggling to get out of bed, as I was as sick as a dog(well technically exhaustive from last nights events). For a split second, I was gonna leave the whole thing and just stay on in bed. However as you will gather, It was a good thing that I didn’t. As I had an amazing time. So for the 1st time in several days possibly a week now, I wasn’t able to shower, as I was gonna be late. You see, today I was to go to another Dublin Pride Event, whereby I bring along Family and friends(who aren’t LGBT) ie Mom, Dad et.c, to the Outhouse as an Information Session. Well last Friday when I was with the folks, I invited them to the Information session today. With regret, Dad couldn’t make it(due to a Dr’s Apt), however Mom was able to make it. It was my plan whereby, I be there in the Outhouse and Mom just bump into me or whatever. Or as I said to her on the phone, to be “Just herself”. However, as I explained already, things didn’t go to plan, however that didn’t dampen my spirits of the day. Mom in the meantime, was inside in the Outhouse. I gave her a buzz, just to let her know I’m on my way. So eventually I arrived and she was sitting there having her cuppa tea. heheeh. When I arrived, I asked about the Information Session as to where is it etc., Tiffany was there. She said she’d send someone down. So we chatted and chatted. Áine, the person that Tiffany sent down, came down and then it was then I realised what the term “Information Session” meant. I was slightly disappointed, as I had understood it was like a stall type thing. So Áine brought both Mom and I around the place. We saw the Basement, where Golden Girls was held, and Halloween nights is done every year. The Red Room where Pride Events are held such as the one on Saturday etc., and then onto the Library where Men’s Night is held every Friday night. So then Mom and I and Áine came back down. We thanked her for her kindness. Mom and I continued to chat further. I introduced Mom to Brendan Searson. She was delighted to have met him. Searson could tell how nervous she was. Considering her first time in Outhouse let alone LGBT facility. Mom after about an hour or so, headed on off home.

So Brendan and I then continued to chat further. Brendan had told me that there was an Launch of the BelongTo Photo Exhibition starting at 6. So the two of us headed on towards the venue at the National Photographic Archive. Brendan had never been on the Rosie Hackett Bridge where O’ Farrell and I went on last month. So we sat, took a few pics and reflected.. O’ Farrell had rang me when I was with Mom earlier on. He wanted to meet up. When I said I was still with my Mom he says: “Oh”. As much to say he was surprised considering what I had been telling him in the past about her. Searson and I trekked our way towards the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar.

We arrived and lo and behold who was at he Exhibition but O’ Farrell. heheeh. I met several VIP Figures. Colm O’ Gorman – Amnesty International. He recognnsied me from 7 years ago when I canvassed for him when he was running as Progressive Democrats. I was overwhelmed that he actually remembered me. Then I met Dominic Hannigan from the Labour Party. He’s a TD. David O’ Caroll, Director of BelongTo. He thought I had met him in person. I also met Fintan(whom, Searson was talking about him for a few days) from Sinn Féin, as it happens I had met him back in either the Political Debate or the Pride to Remember. Can’t remember which. Such a small world indeed. heehhe. So then we had a few speeches and the Guest of Honor being Colm, spoke a few words. Then afterwards Both Brendans and I headed for a nice cuppa tea. Nice and serene indeed.

So O’ Farrell headed on home. And Searson and I headed back towards Outhouse. Searson was going to go to a movie, however Searson treated me to a cuppa tea(Green Tea). How nice of him. SO we chatted and chatted. We bumped into a few people. Bernard, then Declan, then Mark. SO as you can gather a busy and very productive day. So shortly before we were all kicked out of the Outhouse as it closes at  10 Mark gave us all a great laugh. Me in particular. As a joke Mark had said that Brendan has a secret side to him, in that he does drag known as “BReda, The Bitch”. What a laugh I had. Great hearty laugh. Mark was showing us pictures of his out door activities. I was most impressed by that Mark goes out cycling to Howth every single day at 6 in the morning. The last time I attempted it, I was with the DublinFreeWheelers in which my muscles were gone out the door with the pain like almost 40km to cycle. hmmmm




Derval Ó Rourke has hung up her running boots and has announced her retirement. Former World Champion announced her retirement today. She represented her country for over a decade. She won 5 Championship medals including Gold in the 60 metre at the World Indoor Championships 2006. She took silver int he European 100m in Gothenburg, Barcelona, Spain. The Bronze medal at the European Indoor Championship was her last one. 3x Olympian she has left a great legacy upon her retirement


Ireland South MEP Fianna Fáil’s Brian Crowley has left The Aldi(The Liberals Group) in the European Parliament and joined European Conservative and Reformist Group – The ECR,


A Sudanese woman sentenced to death for abandoning her faith has been released from prison. Mariam Ebreham. The sentence was sparked by International Outrage. She was considered Mulsim even thou she was brought up by Orthodox Christian and marrying a Christian man. She gave birth while in prison

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