Diary 27th June 2014

After my hibernation, I have been looking at TV and reflecting on the wonderful dreams. Of both sad and happy. No Dreams are too big and No Dreams are too small. Thats what I say. While showering, I had thoughts of telling the Outhouse(with a pic) to NOT let in Eileen as she’s very homophobic. They can let in my Aunty Maureen(Nun) and Colette(as I haven’t received any homophobic material from her – Not to my knowledge  – Her son Gerry thou had said to my Pops that I was hanging out with a Punk Rocker type person)



So after a few TV Shows, I headed on off to see the most anticipated film of the year – hahaha, Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’ Movie. Review here. Then afterwards, I decided to head to the Outhouse to see if anyone was around.  I spoke to Lawrence briefly. Lovely to see him. I then headed onto the Library where the Men’s Night was taking place as per usual. I saw that O’ Farrell was there and invited him along. While waiting for him to collect his stuff one of the members: “Con” asked me about Cum when I said to Brendan if he was COMING. However Con said cuming. I knew exactly what I was saying, yet he took it up sexually. hahah. Then he went to ask me If I Masturbated or something like that. I replied don’t ya think that’s personal. As Brendan says if you know the person well, only do you tell people you know that you tell em of your sexual activity etc., So then I headed off with O’ Farrell to my next film, How to Train your Dragon 2. I was to see it with a Meetup Group: Best Buddies. However I didn’t see any of em, at the cinema. It was then found that I hadn’t RSVPed in time or perhaps I said I wasn’t going. I don’t know. As I was late for the film in question, whats new – hahaha. I shall provide a review in due course.

So after the movie, both O’ Farrelll and I dispersed. I headed on home, and got myself two takeaways. New Victoria and Tasty Hut. While New Victoria was scrumptioulicious.  Tasty Hut was literally crap. Crappy Food came with Crappy Service. hahaha.




Jean Claude Junker has been Officially nominated by 26 to 2. United Kingdom and Republic of Hungary voted against the nomination.


100th Yr Anniversary

Duke Franz Ferdinand and Wife Sophie was assassin Gabrilo Printsip 100 yrs ago this weekend which started World War 1. It has divided the Bosnian Mulsim City Center Sarajevo community. One side says he’s a Terrorist well WAS. Serbs living to EAST of Sarajevo says he’s a HERO.


Yesterday it was reported that the last of the LAbour “Hustings” was held in Dublin for the Labour Leadership and Deputy Leadership battle. Ballot Papers will be handed out on Friday 5th July when it will also be counted and known on the day. So Friday 5th, here we come. heeheh

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