Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Well if you were looking for comedy. Comedy is certainly what you got. Twas most heartwarming. The plot was very simple. Whereby a cruel politician(might I add) is in crooks with a group of Russians and wants to take down all the stalls in Moore St., There were some very poignant moments however, when it was revealed that Agnes(Brendan O’ Carroll) had to give up her 6 children: Mark, Dermot, Rory(Cowan), Cathy(Jennifer Gibney), & Trevor and put em all in care as she couldn’t afford them when her hubbie Redser Brown had passed on. Another poignant moment was when Both Cathy and Mrs. Brown herself gave a lovely speech in the courtroom in which Cathy pointed out “It doesn’t matter you are, you will be welcomed on Moore St., So how she won the trial was when her Grandma or someone back in time, was paying her Tax Bill back in the day, she was provided with BOTH Braille and Non-Braille version. As Buster and the clan lost the Non-Braille version. They had to make do with Braille. In the court they had to ask if a person knew Braille. They all turned to Guideye(The guy who plays Blind in an episode of Mr.s Brown) and he says “How the fuck should I know”. hahah. Twas priceless. If you were looking for Guest Stars, you were not left without surprises. Shane Byrne(Former Rugy Ireland International), Joe Duffy(Radio presenter of RTE’s Liveline), Ciara O’ Callaghan(Irish Actress of Fair City – what a shocker that was. hahah)

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie

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