Diary 28th June 2014 – Dublin Gay Pride 2014

So well I got up with a great buzz no tiredness or nothing. Considering about 3 or 4 hours sleep. I was buzzed and ecstatic. So I headed on towards the Annual Dublin Pride Parade 2014. On the way, a man says “WHAT THE FUCK” nearly crashing his bike. I found it hilarious. And took it with a grain of salt. He did ask me if I was gay. I then was looking for to represent the Outhouse. Eventually I found em. I was told they are on a bus. SO I found the bus. And was abruptly told a “White Lie” in that the person(whom is a senior member of the Staff – who shall remain nameless) had said only for Staff and Volunteers. I was deeply hurt as when I saw Gean up there on the bus(which to the best of my knowledge ain’t a volunteer). I knew it was a white lie. So then I headed to see O’ Farrell. He brought along his date and he was representing the Fine Gael LGBT Party. He didn’t like my regout either.  The regout I had, was a very tight Rainbow Tank Top and a very very short shorts(Guys who wear em for running) and of course my Pride Flag. Now with O’ Farrell, I can take exception as he’s with a Date, and the Party. So I left him be. So long story short, I joined with a group I never heard of Arklow LGBT. The organiser of Arklow LGBT asked “who’s this guy” something like that. However, one of the members being Dave Doran(of which I had met through Gay Dining Out Meetup at Millstone Restaurant). Twas wonderful to see a familiar face and of course an ACCEPTANCE face. I felt like I was the Black Sheep or in fact, I feel like the Black Sheep in the LGBT Community. I had tears in my eyes when my own LGBT Community Center has saved me on numerous occasions from taking my own like, when they denied one of their own ie Black Sheep or Prodigal Son. So after that, Pride commenced in Earnest with my new found group – hahaha. Then shortly before the Parade turned down the Quays, I saw my Aunty(Nun) and my Mom. I was so happy and gleamed. It really  lifted my spirits. I was ecstatic. So the Parade continued. The Parade had changed its route due to the ongoing Luas Works that is to connect BOTH Luas together. The Parade’s route would normally be:


Parnell Sq – O’ COnnell St – D’Olier St – College Green – Nassau St – Clare St – Merrion Sq – Pride Afterparty


The New Route for the time being is as follows:


Parnell Sq., – O’ Connell St., – Eden Quay – Custom House Quay – Butt Bridge – City Quay – Lombard St – Westmoreland St – Lincoln Place – Merrion Sq – Pride Afterparty.


So then after the parade. There were lovely speeches made by:


Miss Panti

LGBT Noise

Marriage Equialtiy

TENI – Transgender Equailtiy Network Ireland




Few singers for out entertainment were also provided. We were treated to a BeLongTo person singing. And The Voice of Ireland Winner(Gay version from the Dublin Pride Events) and an xFactor style. He was fantastic. He sang the Rise of A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst(Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014).

However with the whole, Parade Afterparty, I was most disappointed with. While I can appreciate they were trying to combat the Alcoholism at a public event they should have had a few stalls to advertise products and services and FOOD. They were not one bit of a stall to be seen. Now I had been notified via The GCN in advanced. Then after the Parade Afterparty, I then headed onto towards the Outhouse then onto the Cinema. I was to meet Mark from Ardee, however I had told him previously not to bother meeting me. I since then had a change of heart. I texted him this morning. However didn’t get a reply so assumed it was a wrong number and hence got a new number or something. I attempted to send him a message on FB but the phone went – Battery wise. So after failing to meetup with him, I headed on towards the Outhouse. Just while waiting to cross the Quays to go into Parliament St., There were a few lads and lassies, about to do something(not sure quite what it was to be – probably pantsied me or something – again I ain’t not know). So I just crossed the street backwards and forwards when I saw Bear Fest. It was fantastic. Wowie. I just passed by it btw. hahaha. Then I eventually arrived at the Outhouse with a view of whats the craic. As I had compeltedly forgotten all about the Outhouse end of the Party. So I just had a pokie in. heeheh. Again nothing knew, my regout was completed on both sides of the arguments. My friend(which for interest sake and privacy reasons shall remain nameless for the duration of this blog post. ) has asked me to apologies to the Outhouse formally for dressing up the way I did to represent the Outhouse. I told him, I have done NO WRONG, and hence will not be doing such thing. It would be different, if I had done, BUT I DIDN’T.

So then I headed onto the Cineworld to see my farewells to my Son Godzilla. Review here. Twas wonderful. NOT ONE REMARK OR LOOK was made at me in Cineworld. Maybe behind my back(Don’t care), So after the film, I headed on back to the Outhouse. They were officially suppose to close at 8. But with the “Tis the Season” hahaha. I was chatting to a few people. I saw a good friend of mine Searson. Declan, Bernard, John(A new guy) and Jim. Jim and a the guy from Cork who is  a Bear(a gay term for a gay man who is very hairy – something to that affect) whom I met last year at last year’s Pride. John is an older Gentlemen, gave me a history lesson. In that Back in the days before the Outhouse existed well in its current building anyways – hahaha, There was  a Print Publisher. Of which would you believe it,  John was a staff member. Twas amazing. We were also chatting about the Rebel song “Wrap The Green Flag Round”. Then the 1100th yr old city, the oldest city in the country Waterford City. He also distinguished between Regenald Tower and a skinny tower(of which I’ve forgotten the name). Regenald is the big fat tower in Waterford City while the skinny one is in Ardmore.(Ahh many happy memories down there). John also pointed out that the Outhouse building was a Tennancy building in which families paid rent in the good old days. Then I was chatting to Laurence my friend and Bernard. You could say at times was heated, but more so comedic. I was splitting my sides laughing. I even suggested that he stop, cause I was getting side pains and back pains(particular the one that forced me to A+E). There was a debate regarding my regout. I apparently was the talk of the town. Laurence asked my friend if he was ashamed of being around me with my regout. He struggled in saying that he is. When I get to the States, I’d say they’ll be less shy or whatever the hell’s wrong with them. I would expect such abuse etc., from the straight counterparts(well those against Gay Marriage) BUT from the freakin’ LGBT Counterparts. If we’re gonna win this Referendum, WE HAVE TO PULL UP OUR SOCKS AND PULL TOGETHER. Like there’s one who’s against this idea of sexual portrayal in society etc., My attitude was still the same. DON’T CARE. Bernard’s argument, was very simple in that fear for the other members of the Outhouse Community. Which I can totally understand. So its understandable. SO as such, I will NOT be representing the Outhouse in next year’s Pride. My friend’s argument was very simple “Fear of being beaten up” which sadly is the case these days for being gay. Then there was the case of Laurence. His argument is: DIVERSITY. Its all I ever was doing. Just embracing my sexuality and my diversity. I don’t give a “flying Monkeys” – as me Aunty(Nun) would say. I of course forgot to mention Declan. I was with him too. His attitude throughout the time I was there. “Don’t Bendover.” Was very amusing. hahaha. I totally had a great time at the Outhouse, despite the recent “talk of the town”. My whole attitude throughout the day, was very simple: Don’t Give a hootie of what anyone thinks of me. AND KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. And by jasuzi throughout the whole day, that certainly worked a chore. As me ma would say, “Don’t react”. Its what they want. My friend was so worried that he went OTT  in saying that I may be Gangbanged. Declan kinda thought it was a bit OTT. Which I kinda agreed. alrite. So then both my friend and I headed on our separate paths. But before we dispersed, I bumped into Niall in which I told him of the Pride Afters. So then I headed on home. Shortly before I headed home, I pointed out to my friend, a guy who’s wearing a leather kinda of kilt. And a TSHIRT get this MANHUNT. Now thats a site for a man who wants to have sex with a man.


With all the walking I did, and with the sandles I was wearing and constantly was in aching pain on top the foot. On the way, a lady saw that I was limping. She was on a bicycle and offered me a “a lift”. I thought it was suggestive as in sexual or whatever. Perhaps she was bing genuine. Anyways, I told to go straight and go straight and then right. I was playing dumb. Dunno why to be honest.


An ass of a Taxi driver beeps. Thinking it was to do with another car. I ignore. Then I hear “Assbandit”

While in Chipper, the proprietor probably Nico himself asks me what country is my flag. I says Gay Pride. Then the person doing the cooking asks the same. The lady who came in afterwards to order something comments on the lovely weather we had.




100 yrs ago today

Transgender Individuals seeking State recognition

HIV On the Rise again

Childrens and Family Relations Bill

40k Turned out


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