Diary 29th June 2014

Well I got up, “fine and Dandy, like sour candy”. hahaha. Got ready for my next and last Pride Event for the year or as I call it, the “Closing Ceremony”. Technically the event I went to is called Ceremony of Love & Remembrance. A Poignant moment of celebration of those that have lived and those that have gone before us. I was met up by Laurence(who was standing up for me in the debacle of my regout yesterday) and Searson. Twas great to see em all. So the three of us, Searson, Laurence and I, headed on to roam around the town. heheeheh.


We first went through Trinity Park. Apparently, Trinity College, has a park a Cricket Park. Wow, never knew that. While there, I was trying to make out what was written on a newish type building. Moyne Institute of … As I later learned it was actually “Moyne Institute of Science” and even more so its the back of the Science Gallery builidng thats on Pearse. Wow what you learn. Just unreal. We were relaxing on the Park Bench when we were seeing gay couples of both genders ie two males n females when then brought on the the topical discussion of same sex embracing in public. So Searson asks if we can’t kiss or hold hands in public in the Outhouse, or in Trinity Park where we say the gay couples, Laurence replies,  just think of the Outhouse as a public place. Simple analygos yet, poignant. Then Laurence made a point relating to if a couple were making out in front of you, they’d ask why u looking at us, you’d say well its like in my face. So I proceeded to say “Socialite’s Poisonous”. It was my point yesterday at Pride, that you can be who or whatever you want to be. If u want to dress up as a girl, then do so, or to dress up as a porn star, then do so, or to even just march in ur Undies, then by all means. Some year, I will be doing so. My mother even thought I had nothing on me, ie in the nip yesterday, BUT just the flag. I learned of this when I popped up to my folks later on in the day well evening. Then we continued on into the courtyard where I recalled a Fine Gael event I was at with O’ Farrell a few years(I wasn’t out at the time). Mariead McGuinness was giving some talk relating to Agriculture or something. If I recall, it was to do with the General Election of 2007 of which If I can recall, Fine Gael did very poorly. I may be wrong. While roaming around, I was seeing what I thought was an “Inflatable”. Heck, I even took a few pics of it. However as me glasses are broken or whatever, I couldn’t see toooo well. When I got closer it was just literally a board. The curses that came outta me. I mean like, wtf. hahahah. What a laugh thou.

While continuing to wander around the grounds, I recalled Bernard’s quote from yesterday, that I nearly did my back out again with the stitches of laughter. Quote being “Public Eye”. He was saying this as my friend from yesterday was ashamed of being around me with my regout. Hence says this kinda thing. heeheh.

So then Searson went off home. He dispersed from Dame St. Both Laurence and I headed on around. I got a bit of a history lesson. Twas amazing. WE went down by the Hirschfeld Building as shown in A Pride To Remember. It was amazing. They had kept the front of it. But the back of it, was demolished. He told me of 3 Gay areas: Outhouse, Foam, South William St., So his last word before we departed each other. “We met on a Historical event: A Pride to Remember, and ended on an History Lesson”.

So then after leaving him, I headed on up towards the folks. I then only recalled on the way up to my folks that when my Mom was advising me of  my safety relating to a tshirt of the Civil Partnership and/or the “Smile If You’re Gay” last week. She said it’s arlite for Pride. It’s YOUR day. Mom totally enjoyed the Pride Parade yesterday along with her sis Maureen(Nun). She described it as “Feeling of Youth, Exuberance”. Such lovely adjectives alrite. Had a bit of grub. Then headed on home after a bit.

Shortly before I went to bed, I rang UPC to try and transfer the funds over from the UPC account back to my Bank Account, as I need the cash to pay my rent. However, I wasn’t ready for what was to happen next. They said I’d have to wait for 7 WORKING Days. However I still need to pay last week’s rent and obv this week’s. So Ill have to get the cash from Credit Union. Ill work on that on Tuesday.



Michael Murphy(who is gay – thought I should throw that hat in. hahahah.) has retired from RTE Radio. He has been in radio and reading news in both Irish and English for 40 yrs.


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