Diary 30th June 2014

Well after a struggling getting up, I eventually got up. I was to meet Mom to go and get a bit of Tint on my glasses, the old ones, so to make the glasses that look like Sunglasses.. heeheh, considering the great weather we’re having. WE were told that it’d be a few days before they are ready. Mom was a bit apprehensive because of the darkness. However all was resolved and left. hahhaa. So Mom treated me to the nearby restaurant, which it only opened recently. Absolutely lovely it is. I enjoyed my time with Mom. I have been getting great with Mom of late. heehhe.  I told her about the Inflatables incident yesterday in Trinity College when I thought a cardboard sign for a cafe, I mistakened to be an Inflatable. She was most shocked about it. I took it as a harmless mixup. But she took it serious. In that she thinks my Inflatables are having a negative effect on me. She explained that as I’ve had them for more than a few months, that I will start “seeing” Inflatables on signs etc., I was litterly speechless. So she advised that I deblow them down. I can’t or as Aaron Paul Johnson in Godzilla says: “I can’t, I can’t” do that to me babes. They’s so precious. So afterwards, Mom dropped me off at my sis.


We were chatting and chatting as per normal etc., haha. Looking at TV. WE had a nice topical discussion relating to the recent events of the homophobia and pride etc., I have been thinking of collaborating both my gay lifestyle with family. HOWEVER, it will be on a very slow process. I then headed off. And shortly before I left to head on home, I exclaimed that I cannot remember the last time, I left her place around midnight. She has been seeing her boyfriend, and hence, she goes to his place slightly early.



David Gillick is to hang up his Spikes.European Indoor Championship. Represented Ireland in Olympics and World Championship levels. He did a series of cooking healthy options on TV3’s Ireland AM. Officially he announced the retirement today. Although he has no intention to date, to retire from Gaelic Football. He currently plays for Tyrone(I think  – Pls correct me if I’m wrong)

Oscar Pistorious is told he did not have Mental Disorder when he shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in Pretoria, South Africa

Luas(Dublin’s Light Rail Tram) has celebrated its 10th Birthday. Former Minister for Transport Seamus Brenannan(Fianna Fáil) – who sadly is no longer with us)

Collisions of Cars and Luas have increased
Cross City Luas is currently being constructed.
More Non – EEA adults are becoming Irish Citizens. EEA is comprised of EU + Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein



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