Diary 5th July 2014

I got up after a nice fresh hibernation. I watched yesterday’s News Bulletins. Then I headed onto meet O’ Farrell for to see the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction. Review here. I was surprised to see Searson there too. heeheh. Wonderful to see the two of em. We got the tickets. Then we chatted for a bit. WE were chatting about Labour’s new Leader. So hence as they are in the Fine Gael party, I asked has there ever been a female Leader of Fine Gael. They couldn’t think of any. However they did mention Nora Ownes who was the Justice Minister back in the 90s. I pointed out that’s the year I came over from Romania with my sis. So then we went into the film. During the film, I noted a person who was recording parts of the film. I told this to O’ Farrell. Searson was down in the front row. O’ Farrell notified staff, and they were in and around the screen. Hence why the person stopped recording. Recording of film in Ireland(prob elsewhere too) is actually illegal. So after the film, we were asked by member of staff, to identify the person who was allegedly recording the film. So afterwards we then headed on our own ways. The two Brendanw went their way. I proceeded to head up to the folks. ON the way, I was caught in the rain. It came out of nowhere. I stepped into Bleckker St(Pub) to take shelter. However time was not on my side. SO I just continued in the rain. Sadly to say thou that my new headphones that I bought a few weeks ago, stopped working. Possibly when I sat on em in the cinema. Who knows. I then continued on. I checked my voicemail. Low and behold, Mom had left me a chinese. So I detoured via North Circular Rd to head on  up to my place and then up to my folks. When I arrived, it was my intention to get the documents for my Citizenship application photocopied as required for the application. However as I had arrived too late, I didn’t see the point. Perhaps during the week. So we instead looked at the FIFA World Cup match Netherlands V CRC(Costa Rica). All that was going through me mind, was the hotties of the players and the spectators AND the corruption of the FIFA Government.

For the past few hours, I have been trying to figure out the Instagram and Facebook affair of sharing. I have two accounts of both services. One for my sexual account and the other for NON-sexual like LGBT RIghts, Photography etc., etc., Well when I went to post on my SEX Instagram account my undie pic appeared on my NON-Sex account of Facebook. So I quickly had to take it down. So I tried logging both into SEX accounts. Still failing. So what the hells going on. I went into Instagram settings. And it was found that I had the wrong Facebook account linked int the Sex Instagram account. thankfully all’s sorted HOPEFULLY. hahaha. Cause on my NON-Sex FB account, I lost some dear friends due to the sexual nature of my posts. So now I use my Sex account for sexual experience well in accordance to FB Laws of course. ahahah


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