Diary 8th July 2014

My latest dream was centered entirely around my mother in Romania

My thoughts were i keep her as friend n adopted mom as my Mother. When my adopted mom passes on I’ll have a second chance of “mom”.

I’m with my ex Keith Christmas shopping. We encounter a worker of whom Keith knows. Keith was promised a water gadget a way back. There the worker initially refused. However we were topped on and homophobically attacked. One big guy had him down in a fucking position  hence why I shouted fuck off. I knew the guy Keith was in trouble with. The guy who refused to help him with the water the guy asks him were u looking for it a pipe. Now how my mother was brought into this is Keith had told me a thing or two. Ie he found her and found new information as to her whereabouts.

Then my sis comes round n says if comedy can wait. She was wanting help with something. But then saw that I was busy with Keith.


Then when I eventually got up and woke up. I showered. And suddenly further thoughts came rushing though my mind. I obviously come to my folks place up in Griffith Ave., and scream “GET ME THE HELLA OUTTA HERE” ie Richmond Rd., where I live. I have been having recent troubling dreams relating to my Mom in Romania. Dunno why??? But Mom(the one I call REAL mom as shes da one who fed me etc., etc., yeda yeda yeda., So Mom(Ro) and my REAL Mom get together and discuss matters. I then says, my Mom(RO) that you dumped me when you made a mistake or you were married at the time of having me. Thats what I was told. ie had an affair. She says, NO Thats not true. This also makes Searsons point make a bit more sense. When I told him that I given up when my Mom(RO) had an affair, he says that don’t make sense at all.


While looking at the News from yesterdays, I got a call from my sis to collect her from Crannog. I was met with a frosty reception from Senior Staff. Knowing they ain’t blind, they closed the door in my face. My sis then came out and broguht her home(my gaf). I got her a cuppa tea. heheeh. Then she headed on home to get a few errands to do.


I then got ready to get my dosh – hahaha. As I always do. Literally, I was within a stone’s through from the Post Office, when I realsied I had everything BUT my Social Welfare Card, which is required to get my Payment. So that was a big blow, as I was to see Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’ Movie(Review here) with my sis. So I rang my sis to let her know of a disappointment. So we made arrangements to just go to the Outhouse. I then went to home and cycled in. I introduced her to a few people: Sven(I’m told that ain’t his name: Just still can’t get it, heheeh), Bernard, David and Joe. WE were a bit disappointed after learning of Sven’s views on Bisexuality of which my sis is. He states that Bisexuality is to do with Personality and that they don’t care of the gender. Possibility a case of Biphobia(Fear of Bisexuals). As I understand it, Bisexuality is the attraction to BOTH genders, hence BI(meaning BOTH male AND female), a FURTHER divide in the LGBT Community. I went on to explain to my sis, that I might perhaps bring my homophobes over the coming months to the Outhouse in a bid HOPEFULLY change their minds for the Marriage EQuailtiy Referendum. I further went to explain to her, that as a member of the LGBT Community, that we have to do our own part as a member. So then we enjoyed a nice cuppa tea and for myself a cuppa green tea. I left her to the bus stop. I headed on home by bike and then walked to her place.


WE enjoyed a few episodes of Golden Girls and we looked at Muppets Most Wanted. Review here. While looking at it, I started to get my troublesome dreams of my mother in Romania coming back to me again. And of course the crappy Sweetenters that my sis had(as she hadn’t any sugar) hahaha, I was gonna go Sweetners route, HOWEVER, I don’t think so now. hahaha. I was very quite alrite while looking at the movie a bit distress or whatever. I asked her what were the signs did she go through when a few years ago, she was gonna go see her mother in Romania. She said quite surprisingly the same as me: The feeling of being followed and Dreams. I’ve been looking behind me an odd time, wondering if my mom is following me to see what are my interests etc., Then wondering what would become of me if I were to have found out that she had died by the time I would have found her. etc., etc.,




A Company in Ashers Baking in Northern Ireland has been found to have discriminated to the customer who ordered a gay themed cake. The company which describes as a Christian Company.


ALL Gareth Brooks Concerts CANCELLED. All €32m have to be refunded. 400k fans will be affected. The Refund process will commence tomorrow(Wed). €50m will have been a blow to the local economy. Over 70k fans who were travelling from abroad have also been affected. Such a big blow to the country and local economy.

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