Diary 9th July 2014

As it was so warm out, I decided to dress in my shorts and obv gay colors as in Neon Pink Tank top n Navish shorts. On the way to the Dole ie the Post Office, as failed yesterday. A car beeped at me and called me faggot. Now I took it with a grain of salt, it did get to me for a second, however I then remembered Kevin Costner’s quote from Man of Steel. In that he states that “People are afraid of what they don’t understand”. I alwyas quote this to every living human being. It has helped  me in the past and now today.


Mom rings me to see of my whereabouts. Now I was on my way home anyways, litteraly I was a stone’s through away from my gaf, when she picked me up. To my surprise she did not utter a single word relating to my regout which I was gobsmacked and to this day, I still am. Its a possibility that she has FINALLY(Perhaps I may be coy or speaking toooo soon) We shall see. Ever since I invited her to the Outhouse for Information Session and of course for the big day in question: The Annual Dublin Gay Pride Parade, I have notice a slight change in her attitude. Again I maybe coy, I won’t wanna dampen spirits or keep my hopes up or whatever. But as I say to all my LGBT Allies n Friends, I am inviting all my homophobes for one word: REFERENDUM as recommended by The Politics of Pride, Dublin Pride Event. My homophobes says they AIN’T a homophobe. Well Prove it is what I say. By coming along to the Outhouse or whatever.


Had thoughts of a woman screaming  at my door by following me n preaching crap of hell being cured etc etc. me calling da cops.


I then headed onto my sis to give her the food that Mom gave me. Had a nice grand auld cuppa tea etc.,


Then I headed on to meet up wit Todd. Twas great to see him. Hadn’t seen him ages. We went to see Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s: D’Movie. Review here. Todd had the most heartiest laugh in the cinema. Twas brill. After the movie, I asked him about Garth Brooks controversy and said he’s glad they ain’t putting the concerts on as Aiken Promotions in his opinion defrauded Gareth and the legal system. As my friend says Joby says “Law is the Law”. I fooly agree with both Joby and Todd. In that they’s just got too greedy etc., But more over, that the Law is the Law. 3 Concerts has been played ie One Direction.


I also told him of my “friend” and his homophobic ways relating to my regout on Pride Day and the such negativity I got from him. His reaction was not what I expected. I’d slap him him in da face. Cause I mentioned to Todd, the three hurtful things that were said. “You should be ashamed of yourself”; when the friend was struggling to say that he’s “ashamed of being around me”; “apologise to the Outhouse”. He even said “I’ll slap you if you apologies to the Outhouse.” I then said to him, that I’ve no intention. As I said to him: and to the friend: “I have WRONGED NO ONE”. Shocked n appalled to learn u cannot kiss in da outhouse . I did explain to him, that it is in the safety of the patrons, if “Pervs” comes along. He took it as a joke. Then we were having our drinks. Oh by the way, did I forget to mention, that Todd treated me to drinks. Even though I asked him. hahaha. He had a French Martini and I had my 2 Santa Digna from Spain. Which is a Rosé from Spain. Twas lovely and sweet. We met Cousy from India on our travels. Todd pointed out the three of us have 1 thing in common. In that we’s all immigrants. Todd(USA), Coush(India) and I(Romania). On the way home, to his gaf, Todd mentions that Cillain Murphys brother is gay and saw him in the Front Lounge on Pride Day. On the way home, we saw a truck wit funny looking things on its front and was explained to clean tracks of the Luas.




It is now perceived that Gareth Brooks WANTS to reconsider in playing in Ireland. Its of my personal opinion as that of my friend too, that as my other mate on Facebook says “Law is the law”. The Promoters wanting to change things etc., etc., or use BULLY boy tactics. 


Brazil SHOCKING exit out of the FIFA World Cup of 7-1 to Germany. Loads of World record were broken. Like several goals within minutes of the game.

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